VIA Mobile360 M820 Nominated for Computex d&i Awards 2019

d&i award 2019

Ruggedized in-vehicle system selected in the category of IoT Devices and Applications

Taipei, Taiwan, May 15, 2019 – VIA Technologies, Inc. announced that the VIA Mobile360 M820 has been nominated for the prestigious Computex d&i Awards 2019. It was selected by judges at an awards ceremony held yesterday in Taipei for its exceptional level of innovation and design quality.

“It’s great to receive industry recognition as we bring our advanced Edge AI and Computer Vision technologies to the rapidly evolving transportation market,” said Richard Brown, VP International Marketing, VIA Technologies, Inc. “The VIA Mobile360 M820 highlights our strength in designing and developing next generation in-vehicle solutions that can be customized for a broad range of driver assistance, safety, and situational awareness applications.”

VIA Mobile360 Solutions: Making Transportation Safer

VIA Mobile360 Solutions enhance safety and reduce driver stress for public transportation, commercial fleet, industrial, and mining vehicles. The VIA Mobile360 M820 supports up to nine FAKRA cameras to enable a blend of 3600 surround view, ADAS (Advanced Driver Assistance Systems), and DMS (Driver Monitoring System) capabilities in a single, fully-integrated solution that can also include pre-tested cameras, cables, and other peripherals.

With their wide array of hardware, software, and accessory customization options, VIA Mobile360 solutions are helping to drive the move to smarter transportation networks in the Smart Cities of tomorrow while also saving lives today.

Computex d&i Awards 2019

Held annually in Taipei, Taiwan, the Computex d&i Awards invite manufacturers in the Information Communications and Technology industry to compete on five key criteria – Innovation, Technology, Functionality, Social impact and Craftsmanship & aesthetics. A panel of judges select the top ground-breaking innovations which will then be displayed at Computex 2019. Winning entries will also have a chance to participate in international exhibitions attended by TAITRA around the world.

You can find photos related to the Computex d&i Awards ceremony in Taipei, here at the VIA Gallery:


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