VIA Survey Report: 96% of Respondents Interested in Smart Security

VIA Survey Report: 96% of Respondents Interested in Smart Security

Firstly, we’d like to give a big thank you to everyone who took part in our recent Smart Security survey. It has really helped us improve our understanding of what today’s customers are looking for when it comes to protecting homes and businesses. We would also like to congratulate our prize draw winner from Spain – a VPai Home Smart Security IP Camera is on its way to you.

Let’s now take a look at the data from the survey, and perhaps glean some insights regarding people’s thoughts on the topic of Smart Security. According to the results, 96% of respondents are interested in implementing Smart Security Solutions in their place of business or home. This figure that clearly reflects a growing interest in newer security solutions which are now, more than ever favored over traditional lock and key.

Participant Demographics

It’s always good to know a little about the people taking part in a survey, especially as VIA has exposure with a broad range of people in the technology industry. The largest group of respondents to complete the survey were end-users or regular customers, representing 51% of all who took part. Software developers made up 25% of those polled, with System Integrators at 14%, and OEM customers at 11%.

Top Facial Recognition Security Solutions

The development and improvement of facial recognition algorithms means that we will shortly be able to open the door to our home without using anything other than our facial features. We asked survey participants which particular Smart Security product they would most like to see integrate facial recognition – we see 40% of participants leaning toward Smart Solar IP Cameras, followed by standard IP Camera solutions at 33%. Smart Door-Bells with Access Control were selected by 17% of respondents, while regular Smart Doorbells were selected by 10% of respondents.

Most Popular Smart Security Features

The final question involved asking which new feature would be the respondents would prioritize when purchasing a Smart Security product. Features such as smartphone control, multi-level authentication, motion detection and night vision are becoming more commonplace on modern Smart Security products. The question posed would help us understand which feature should be considered most popular. Here are the results:

We can see that Motion-Activated Alerts were the most desired feature when it comes to purchasing a smart security device for the business or home environment.  This was followed by Night-Vision at 26%, Smartphone Control at 20% and Multiple Security Authentication at 14%. Interestingly, Stylish Design was a firm favorite for 10% of respondents.

A strong interest in Motion-Activated Alerts perhaps reflects a growing demand for notifications that tell us when someone (or something) is at our door. Similar sentiments are perhaps also reflected in the results for Night-Vision, the second most popular choice – it’s clear that reliable, round-the-clock monitoring that gives users peace of mind while sleeping, is an obvious priority. For 20% of those polled, Device Control via Smartphone is the number one feature, an notion that aligns well with today’s demand for 24/7 fingertip control.

That concludes our report. Once again, we’d like to thank everyone who participated in this survey for your invaluable feedback. Learn more about VPai Smart Security solutions here.

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