B2B Active Optical Cables

VIA Active Optical Cables deliver lightning-fast data transfers over long-distance connections between computers and peripheral devices including displays, cameras, and storage drives. Available in a choice of HDMI, DVI, DisplayPort, and USB 3.0 configurations, the cables are so slim, light, and durable that they can operate flawlessly in even the most cramped and cluttered environments without damage or loss of function.

Combining high performance and low power consumption with superior electromagnetic interference (EMI) resistance and extremely low attenuation, VIA Active Optical Cables provide the ideal solution for a wide variety of commercial, industrial, and consumer applications.


Digital Signage & Video Walls


VIA Active Optical Cables provide dependable, ultra-fast connections for delivering bandwidth-intensive video content for video walls and multi-panel digital signage deployments in retail stores, shopping centers, train stations, airports, and other high-traffic locations. Supporting lengths of up to 300 meters for DVI displays, the cables can be configured to reach even the most distant corners of an installation and are rugged enough to withstand the most demanding usage requirements.

Point of Sale Systems


VIA Active Optical Cables deliver reliable high-speed data transfers between point of sale systems and peripherals such as display screens, credit card terminals, and printers installed in scattered locations within a restaurant or store. With their exceptional durability, flexibility, and performance, the cables can endure the wear and tear of busy retail environments while maintaining full functionality.



HD Video Surveillance Systems


VIA Active Optical Cables ensure fast, stable, and safe connections to cameras, backup storage drives, and other equipment employed in HD video surveillance systems. In addition to eliminating the need for bulky cabling, repeaters, and additional power supplies, the cables are highly durable and resistant to electromagnetic interference.

HD Entertainment Systems


VIA Active Optical Cables provide super-fast interconnects for transferring ultra high definition video files between players, cameras, displays, TVs, projectors, and other peripheral devices for cutting-edge content production and broadcasting applications. With their market-leading quality, the cables deliver the strength, length, and flexibility, and performance required for the most demanding home and commercial entertainment installations.




VIA Active Optical Cables support leading display connectivity standards, including HDMI, DVI, and DisplayPort as well as USB 3.0. Cables are available in standard lengths of 10m, 20m, 30m, and 50m and can be customized to meet exact requirements for longer distances.



VIA DisplayPort AOC Cables

With their support for transmissions of up to 8K@60hz UHD display images over 50 meters, VIA DisplayPort AOC cables provide lightning-fast interconnects for high bandwidth data over long distances. In addition to delivering exceptional signal quality and high EMI and RFI resistance, the cables are plug and play compatible and do not require a power supply.

  • DisplayPort 1.4
  • Supports up to 8K@60hz UHD display
  • Long distance transmission > 50m
  • Plug and play compatible
  • Lock on connector
  • High EMI and RFI resistance
  • No external power required


Complementing exceptional durability with support for data transmission distances of up to 300 meters, VIA DVI AOC cables provide a reliable and versatile solution for ensuring high-speed connections to 1080P DVI display devices. As well as being Plug and Play compatible, the cables don’t require an external power supply.

  • Single-channel DVI interface
  • Supports 1080P display
  • Long distance transmission > 300 meters
  • Programs and stores monitor’s EDID information inside of source connector
  • No radiation with high EMI resistance
  • No external power required


Combining high performance with low power consumption, VIA HDMI AOC cables provide a longer, slimmer, and more flexible alternative to traditional copper wire. In addition to supporting transmissions of 4k@60HZ UHD images up to more than 100 meters, the cables also deliver superior signal quality and high EMI and RFI resistance.

Order Sample
  • Supports HDMI 2.0
  • Supports 18Gbps 4K@60Hz UHD Display
  • Plug & Play compatible
  • Long distance transmission > 100m
  • High EMI and RFI resistance
  • No external power supply required

VIA USB 3.0 Hybrid AOC Cables

VIA USB 3.0 Hybrid AOC Cables deliver high-speed data transfer rates of to 5Gbps across distances of up to 50 meters without the need for an external power supply. Compatible with a full range of USB standards, the cables provide fast and reliable connections for a host of commercial and industrial devices such as machine vision cameras, security cameras, and storage drives.

Order Sample
  • Supports High Speed 5Gbps
  • Long distance transmission > 50m
  • USB 1.0/1.1/2.0 to USB 3.0 conversion supported
  • Plug and play compatible
  • High EMI and ESD resistance
  • No external power adapter required – 5V/900mA power supply
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