Embedded Boards -

Embedded Boards

VIA embedded boards are the embodiment of VIA’s feature-rich and power-efficient platform technologies. Combining a rich mix of low-power embedded ARM & x86 processors, core logic, networking, connectivity and multimedia components to provide all the necessary functionality and performance for even the most demanding embedded system design applications.

Built to the highest standards of reliability, VIA Embedded boards also come with up to 7 years of longevity to support customers with long product life cycles. Customers can also take advantage of our extensive hardware and software customization services to create truly differentiated products for their target markets.

Mini-ITX Boards

Embedded Boards Mini-ITX

With their rich feature sets, low power consumption, and cutting-edge functionality and performance, VIA Embedded Mini-ITX boards are ideal for a myriad of embedded design applications, including digital signage, industrial automation, healthcare, HMI, thin clients, and transportation.

Pico-ITX Boards

Available in a choice of ARM or x86 architectures, VIA Embedded Pico-ITX boards are designed to enable system developers and OEMs to create smaller, lighter, quieter, and even more mobile devices than ever before — opening up a new world of possibilities for embedded IoT and M2M applications.

COM Express® & ETX Modules

Embedded Boards Modules

VIA Embedded COM Express® and ETX modules provide scalable x86-based solutions for high-level embedded applications and support system expansion and application-specific customization. Customers can utilize a proprietary multi-I/O carrier board for evaluation purposes or take advantage of the rich design experience and expertise of VIA Embedded to develop a customized carrier board.

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