Embedded Pico-ITX Boards

PicoMeasuring a mere 10cm x 7.2cm, 75% smaller than the Mini-ITX form factor, the Pico-ITX form factor was developed by VIA as part of its “Small is Beautiful” strategy to enable system developers and OEMs to create smaller, lighter, and quieter devices than ever before — opening up a new world of possibilities for embedded IoT, and M2M applications.

With the choice of either ARM or x86 based platforms combined with rich feature sets, low power consumption, and cutting-edge functionality and performance, VIA Embedded Pico-ITX boards are ideal for a myriad of embedded design applications, including digital signage, industrial automation, healthcare, HMI, thin clients, and transportation.

VIA VAB Series Pico-ITXarm_logo

Based on market-leading VIA and Freescale SoCs , VIA VAB Series Pico-ITX boards combine rich I/O connectivity with exceedingly low power consumption to offer an unrivaled choice of ultra-reliable, cost-efficient ARM platforms optimized to meet the power, performance, and feature requirements for even the most demanding industrial, signage, HMI, consumer, and other embedded applications.

ModelSoCSystem MemoryEthernetCAN Bus / USB portsDisplay
VAB-10001.0GHz VIA Elite E1000 Cortex-A92GB DDR3 SDRAM1 GLAN2 COM
2 USB 2.0
1 Mini USB 2.0
1 Mini HDMI
VAB-820 1.0GHz NXP i.MX 6QuadPlus Cortex-A9
1.0GHz NXP i.MX 6Quad Cortex-A9
4 USB 2.0
1 Micro USB 2.0
VAB-600 800MHz VIA Cortex-A91GB DDR3 SDRAM1 10/100Mbps LAN2 COM
1 USB 2.0
2 Mini USB 2.0
1 Mini HDMI

To ensure optimum flexibility for software customization and application development, VIA VAB Series boards come with a choice of solution packs for Android and Linux. VIA Embedded also offers a comprehensive range of services to assist customers in taking their prototype to mass production, including customized BSP, OS image, factory test tools, and diagnostic tools.

VIA EPIA Series Pico-ITX

The VIA EPIA Series Pico-ITX boards encapsulate VIA’s focus on enhancing power efficiency, thermal management and feature integration. Leveraging the energy efficient performance of VIA QuadCore and fanless VIA Eden® X4 or VIA Eden® X2 x86 processors, the VIA EPIA Series combines core logic, graphics, multimedia, connectivity, and storage technologies into a tiny form factor.

ModelCPUChipsetEthernetUSB portsDisplay
EPIA-P9101.2GHz Eden® X4VX11H1 GLAN2 USB 3.0
6 USB 2.0
1 Mini HDMI

Customers can also take advantage of the extensive hardware and software customization services provided by VIA Embedded to create truly differentiated products for their target markets.

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