Engineering Services

Engineering Services

VIA provides a comprehensive suite of Hardware, Software, and Cloud Engineering Services to enable our customers to transform innovative ideas into ground-breaking products and solutions and take full advantage of the burgeoning opportunities being generated by the emergence of ubiquitous connectivity and the Internet of Things.

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To meet the diverse needs of our customers, we take a flexible modular approach that leverages the wealth of experience and expertise we have accumulated in designing and building high-performance, ultra-reliable embedded systems and solutions for world leaders in such fields as in-flight entertainment and healthcare.

This approach embraces all the key steps in the product or project life cycle, from helping our customers to define initial requirements to providing longevity support to maximize their return on investment. It is underpinned by an intimate knowledge of all the key hardware, software, and cloud technologies required to create targeted designs optimized for a wide range of application environments ranging from graphics-intensive digital signage systems to ruggedized industrial automation controllers.

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