Device Management System Services

VIA Embedded provides a flexible range of services for enabling the remote management, diagnostics, and monitoring across a cloud-based network using the VIA DMS (Device Management System).

The VIA DMS integrates a suite of functions including System Health Monitoring, System Control, OTA (over-the-Air) System Update, and Task Management that can be controlled from a single browser-based dashboard to ensure 24/7 operation of mission critical tasks. In addition to supporting the VIA ALTA DS 2, VIA ARTiGO A900, and VIA ARTiGO A1250, the system can be customized to meet specific customer requirements. Sample code is also included to allow customers to easily incorporate VIA DMS features into their existing device management system.

VIA DMS Features

Remote System Health Monitoring tracks the operating status of each system and its key components, including the processor, DRAM, storage capacity utilization, and network connectivity speed. The DMS server can be configured to react when, for example, a device reaches its storage threshold.

Remote System Control powers each system on or off, adjusts its screen brightness and audio volume, and boots the system at a pre-specified specific time using its Wake on LAN (WOL) or Real Time Clock (RTC) features. In addition, the screen snapshot feature makes it possible to check if applications are running correctly at any time.

Remote System Update enables the operating system and firmware*, namely the BIOS or U-Boot, to be easily updated via OTA. Other system files can also be updated or deleted through the VIA DMS. (Firmware update service can be provided on a project basis.)

Application Deployment enables the installation, activation, and update of system applications using the VIA DMS.

Task Management can be used to schedule specific tasks for each system such as playing a certain video file at a pre-arranged time.

VIA DMS Function Table

Features (DMS v1.1)ARM Devicesx86 Devices
ModelALTA DS 2ARTiGO A900Viega TabletARTiGO A1250
OS VersionAndroid 4.3Android 4.3Android 4.4Windows® 7
Software ManagementOTA Update
User APK Management
Upload/Download File
Take Screenshot
System StatusCPU Usage
Memory Usage
SD Usage-
HD UsageN/AN/AN/A-
Power Status
Wi-Fi Signal Strength
3G Signal Strength
Get/Set Volume Status and Size
Get/Set System Time
Sync System Time with Time Server
Power ManagementWake on LAN
Network ManagementGet MAC Address
Get IP Address
Get Network Transfer Speed
WatchdogEnable/Disable Watchdog
Watchdog Timer Programming
Display ManagementGet/Set Display Volume
Get/Set Display Brightness (LVDS)N/AN/AN/A

VIA DMS Screenshots

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Date/Time/Resource Threshold Setting
Date/Time/Resource Threshold Setting

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Task Management
Task Management

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Command Scheduling
Command Scheduling


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