VIA Custom IoT Platform Design Services

The VIA Custom IoT Platform Design Service provides the fastest and most flexible path for accelerating the design and manufacturing new application-specific IoT systems and devices.  It delivers a one-stop custom system design solution that covers all steps of the development process, including the definition of the core system specifications, rapid prototyping, hardware and software development, I/O and wireless connectivity integration, and management of the path2production.

As part of this process, we work every step of the way with you to select the appropriate form factor, identify the key components such as the ARM SoC, operating system, storage & memory, and determine I/O & wireless connectivity features, in order to ensure that the system meets the precise performance, power consumption, and functionality needs of your target IoT application. Specialist chassis design, middleware and application development, and peripheral validation and sourcing services are also available to further accelerate time to production.

To begin discussing how we can help match your application-specific needs, please provide as much information about the requirements for your custom board or system design. We will follow up with a number of suggestions and recommendations on how we can help shorten the design and deployment time for your solution.

Form Factor

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System Requirements

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I/O Requirements

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System Design Service

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