x86 Hardware Engineering Services

VIA Embedded offers a full range of Hardware Engineering Services for enabling the design, development, and manufacturing of embedded x86 systems based on VIA QuadCore E-Series, VIA Eden® X2, and VIA Nano® X2 E-Series processors and related MSPs (Media System Processors) for a wide variety of advanced applications including digital signage, industrial automation, HMI, and M2M.

Our flexible approach covers all the key steps in the product or project life cycle, from helping our customers to define their initial requirements to rigorous testing to ensure the systems conform to the most demanding standards such as IP-65.



Customers can take advantage of the extensive knowledge and expertise of our highly-experienced product management and engineering teams to generate ground-breaking new product concepts, define the specifications and requirements, finalize the development process, and optimize the Path2Production.


With our early involvement in concept generation and evaluation, we accelerate the development of even the most complex new designs, ensuring rapid time to market and minimizing R&D costs. Our extensive in-house silicon, board, and system design expertise enables us to provide optimized solutions that deliver the appropriate blend of low power consumption, performance, and connectivity for the target design application.


To minimize development costs and speed time to market, we offer a wide range of customization options:

  • VIA Mini-ITX and Pico-ITX x86 boards can be customized on a project basis.
  • VIA AMOS and VIA ARTiGO x86 systems can be customized on a project basis, including the integration of compatible wireless and I/O connectivity modules. Ruggedized and extended temperature range options are available.
  • VIA COM Express® and ETX modules and carrier boards provide scalable platforms for high-level embedded applications and support system expansion and application-specific customization.


As a result of our close partnerships with leading ODM manufacturers, we can ensure the smoothest Path2Production, ensuring world-class levels of quality and reliability while minimizing costs.


In addition to standard MIL and IP-65 testing, we offer a growing range of ‘real world’ environmental test programs and services for x86 embedded systems.


To meet the life-cycle needs of embedded customers, we offer longevity support for up to seven years on selected models.

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