PrintVIA VX Series Media System Processors, (MSP) optimized with VIA integrated graphics engines, provide world-class high-performance multimedia solutions for embedded computing designs, delivering rich 2D/3D graphics, low power consumption, easy cooling, and improved manageability.

When combined with VIA Eden® X4, VIA QuadCore E-Series, VIA Nano® E-Series, or VIA Eden® ULV E-Series processors, these impressive platforms create exceptionally responsive, high-performance, and low-power embedded systems ideal for applications such as point-of-sale, gaming, digital signage, industrial control/automation, storage, and network security.

ChipsetMax TDPSupported ProcessorsPackage / Size
VIA VX115.8WEden® X4, QuadCore, Nano® X2, Eden® X2FCBGA / 33 x 33mm
VIA VX9004.5WQuadCore, Nano® X2, Nano®, Eden® X2, C7®-D, C7®FCBGA / 31 x 31mm

Embedded Graphics Powerhouses

VIA C-Motion video engines provide hardware acceleration for dual 1080p HD decoding of H.264, MPEG-2, WMV9, and VC-1 codecs bringing crisp, smooth 1080p HD video content to life without hogging key system resources.

Advanced Connectivity Integration

VIA VX Series MSPS provide support for the latest connectivity standards including DisplayPort, HDMI, DVI, VGA and LVDS. Other advanced connectivity includes LPC and PCI bus for expandability, high speed USB 3.0 for connecting to wide a range of digital media and devices, and a full range of legacy controllers.

High Levels of Feature Integration

The high level of integration in VIA chipsets limits the need for additional add-on chips by system builders enabling simpler board layouts with more room for additional onboard applications by system builders — reducing overall complexity and cost.

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