VIA_VinylVIA Vinyl Audio represents VIA’s acclaimed line of dedicated audio chips, offering the highest level of audio fidelity and best feature sets available on the market. VIA has remained at the forefront of PC audio technology by pioneering 24-bit resolution with 96/192kHZ sampling rates and by being the first audio solution to enable 8-channel surround sound. For this reason, VIA’s chips are the basis for almost all of the major high-end soundcards and audio solutions.

VIA Vinyl Audio brings forth all that PC audio can provide, enabling anyone to enjoy music, watch the latest Movies, record and create content, play games, and connect to the newest devices – all with incredibly powerful audio fidelity.

VIA Vinyl Audio Products

VIA Vinyl Audio Controllers

» VIA Vinyl EnvyUSB 2.0 Controllers
A series of USB Audio controllers bringing studio quality sound to the home.

» Vinyl Envy PCI Audio Controllers
A series of market leading audio controllers based on the original Envy24 audio core ensuring maximum performance with bit-for-bit accurate clarity.

VIA Vinyl Audio Codecs

» VIA Vinyl HD Audio Codecs
High Definition audio for the next generation of multimedia PCs.

» VIA Vinyl AC’97 Audio Codecs
The highest level of audio quality in a mainstream integrated solution.

*Note: VIA no longer sells some or all of the VIA Vinyl Audio controllers and Codecs.

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