Embedded Chipsets

VIA is considered the industry leader in integration and miniaturization in the embedded market, setting industry standards for performance per watt, energy efficiency and rich integration. Packed full of digital media and connectivity features and with an impressive range of core logic options, VIA embedded chipsets have been designed to enable a new generation of embedded and Personal Electronics devices that extend the x86 architecture into innovative applications and new markets.

VIA’s range of embedded chipsets also includes chipsets that support mature VIA processors; low-power solutions ideal for certain embedded market applications with less demanding computational or graphics requirements.

All of VIA’s embedded chipsets include an integrated graphics core that feature the latest digital media capabilities, including HDTV and HD Audio, for consumer electronics quality entertainment yet with reduced overall system power consumption.

Supporting VIA Nano® E-Series, VIA C7® and VIA Eden® processors for high performance embedded applications

North Bridges

Integrated North & South Bridge single-chip solutions

Supporting VIA C3®-M processors

*Note: VIA no longer sells some or all of these chipsets

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