K8N800The VIA K8N800 Mobile chipset is a high-performance, low-power IGP chipset optimized for the complete range of Mobile AMD Athlon™ 64 and Mobile AMD Sempron™ processors, delivering the performance, connectivity and advanced power management features required for today’s thin and light, high-performance notebooks. The powerful AMD64 platform combined with leading chipset, graphics and digital media technologies of the VIA K8N800 creates an exceptional computing and entertainment experience anywhere.

At the heart of the VIA K8N800 North Bridge lies the VIA C-Pro IGP, delivering a rich visual experience through the implementation of innovative features such as integrated MPEG-2 hardware acceleration for flawless digital media playback and a dual pixel pipeline, 128 bit 2D/3D engine with support for up to 64MB of shared 64/128bit DDR memory for robust multimedia and productivity performance. The VIA K8N800’s highly flexible and scalable architecture also allows support for an external AGP graphics chip.

The VIA K8N800 supports AMD PowerNow!™ Technology to help ensure efficient power usage and longer battery life, as well as lower heat dissipation and quieter operation.

VIA’s ground breaking Hyper8™ technology provides a fast 800MHz/16-bit HyperTransport link between the VIA K8N800 North Bridge and AMD Turion™ 64 mobile processors, Mobile AMD Athlon™ 64 or Mobile AMD Sempronä processors, achieving lightening fast data transfers speeds of up to 6.4GB/s.k8n800_main

Combined with the VIA VT8237R Plus South Bridge, the VIA K8N800 chipset provides a comprehensive range of high-performance integrated multimedia, connectivity and storage interface technologies available on the market today. The VIA VT8237R Plus supports both new high-speed Serial ATA Hard Drives as well as Parallel ATA-133 devices, and provides a host of high-bandwidth connectivity options, including support for the VIA Gigabit Ethernet companion chip, integrated 10/100Mbps Fast Ethernet and up to eight high-speed USB 2.0 ports. The VIA VT8237R Plus also supports the VIA Vinyl™ Multi-channel Audio Suite, offering the option of superlative integrated 6- or 8-channel surround sound.

Benefits of VIA K8N800

Integrated Graphics Technology: The VIA C-Pro IGP delivers exceptional integrated graphics and video playback performance for the latest 3D and digital media applications, without the need for an expensive external AGP graphics card. Integrated MPEG-2 hardware acceleration ensures flawless digital video playback, while reducing workload on the processor and extending battery life, ensuring users can enjoy a truly mobile entertainment experience.

VIA Hyper8™ Technology: VIA’s ground breaking Hyper8™ technology provides a full 16-bit/800MHz on upstream and downstream buses of HyperTransport link between the VIA K8N800 North Bridge and next generation 64-bit compatible platforms based around AMD Turion™ 64, Mobile AMD Athlon™ 64 and Mobile AMD Sempron™ processors, achieving data transfers speeds of up to 6.4GB/s.

VIA Vinyl Multichannel Audio Suite: Delivering rich, warm surround sound at resolutions as high as 24/96 through up to six- or eight-channel outputs, the VIA Vinyl Audio 6-channel surround sound and VIA Vinyl Gold Audio 8-channel surround sound enables crisp, clear performance, representing the highest levels of audio quality in a mainstream integrated solution.

Unified VIA Hyperion 4in1 Drivers: VIA’s unified approach to drivers has been established for eight generations of chipsets, allowing end users to benefit from seamless hardware and software compatibility.

* RAID Level 0+1 requires four Serial ATA drives; support for the two additional drives can only be implemented with two external Serial ATA ports enabled through a SATALite PHY.

K8N800 Block Diagram


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