KT266AThe VIA Apollo KT266A is an efficient, cost-effective, flexible chipset solution for systems based on the AMD Athlon™ XP and Duron™ Socket A processors, across a full spectrum of applications. With a 64-bit DDR266 SDRAM memory controller and a 266 MHZ front side bus, the KT266A offers efficient system performance. An AGP 4X/2X controller enables connection with external graphics cards, and a V-link chip interconnect offers 266MB/s of bandwidth between North and South Bridge.kt400a_main

In combination with the VIA VT8233/VT8233C South Bridges, which are connected through the chipset’s V-Link Hub Architecture, the VIA KT266A chipset features ATA-100, and PC133 support, as well as integrated AC-97 six-channel audio, six USB ports, LPC bus, integrated 10/100Mbps Ethernet and Home PNA, , MC-97 modem, and support for AMD’s second generation PowerNow!™ technology.

Benefits of VIA KT266A

Performance: With a 266 MHz processor bus, 64-bit DDR266 SDRAM memory controller, 266 MB/s bus between the north and south bridges, and support for AGP 4X, the VIA Apollo KT266a provides efficient performance for AMD Athlon™ XP and Duron™ Socket A processors-based systems.
VIA Modular Architecture Platform (V-MAP): The VIA Apollo KT266A is part of the family of VIA Modular Architecture Platforms (V-MAP). As a modular solution, the North and South Bridge of the VIA Apollo KT266A are completely pin compatible with current and future products, such as the VT8233C South Bridge with integrated 3Com Ethernet MAC. V-MAP allows flexibility when designing a system around the VIA Apollo KT266A chipset, enabling OEMs and System Integrators to reach different market segments with a single platform.

VIA Stability and Reliability: VIA Chipset Platforms offer a balance of reliability and flexibility derived from using proven, modular components and evolutionary design principles.

KT266A Block Diagram


Key Features

» Supports AMD Duron™ and Athlon™ Socket A processors
» 200/266MHz FSB settings
» Support for AGP 2X/4X
» Supports up to 4.0GB DDR200/266 SDRAM as well as PC100/133 SDRAM and Virtual Channel memory
» 266MB/sec high bandwidth North/South Bridge V-Link
» Support for Advanced Communications Riser (ACR) Card Standard
» Integrated 6 channel AC-97 Audio
» Integrated MC-97 Modem
» Integrated 10/100 BaseT Ethernet and 1/10Mb HomePNA controller
» Support for ATA 33/66/100
» 6 USB ports, UHCI compliant
» Advanced power management capabilities including ACPI/OnNow and AMD’s PowerNow™
» 552-pin BGA VT8366A North Bridge
» 376-pin BGA VT8233 South Bridge

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