KX133The VIA KX133 chipset brings AGP4X, PC133, a 200MHz Front Side Bus, and ATA-66 technologies to the AMD Athlon® processor platform – a potent combination that unleashes a new level of x86 desktop PC performance.

Benefits of VIA KX133

The Ultimate Chipset for the AMD Athlon® Processor: The VIA KX133 provides the ultimate chipset solution for maximizing the industry-leading performance of the AMD Athlon® processor, delivering first-to-market support for high-throughput AGP4X and high-speed PC133 SDRAM. Key features include the following:

Blistering AGP4X Graphics Performance: The VIA KX133 is the first chipset to support AGP4X, the latest high-performance graphics bus technology, on the AMD Athlon® processor platform. The AGP4X interface enables the graphics controller to access the main memory at double the speed of previous platforms, ensuring rich 3D graphics and video performance on your AMD Athlon® processor-based PC system.

High-Speed PC133 Memory: Through its advanced memory controller architecture, the VIA KX133 chipset supports up to 2GB of the latest high-speed PC133 SDRAM and VC133 DRAM. These leading-edge memory technologies provide the bandwidth and performance necessary for even the most demanding Internet and 3D graphics applications at a minimal cost premium over PC100 SDRAM.

Ultra-Fast 200MHz Front Side Bus: With its 200MHz Front Side Bus, the VIA KX133 features the fastest processor bus ever for desktop PCs. The Alpha EV6-based double-data-rate highly scaleable asynchronous bus design optimizes the performance of the processor bus speed from 100MHz to 200MHz, delivering twice the throughput of 100MHz Pentium?III-based systems.

ATA-66: The ATA-66 interface on the VIA KX133 chipset helps boost system performance by providing a high-speed connection to the new generation of ATA-66 Hard Disk Drives, delivering maximum sustained data transfer rates of 66MB/sec.

Innovative & Scaleable Architecture: The VIA KX133 is based on an innovative and scalable architecture with proven reliability and performance. It is a two-chip set consisting of the VT8371 North Bridge controller and the VT82C686A South Bridge controller, as shown in the block diagram below. Additional key features include support four USB ports, AC-97 link for audio and modem, hardware monitoring, and power management.

KX133 Block Diagram


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