South Bridges

In twin-chip core logic solutions, the South Bridge provides most of the connectivity, multimedia and storage support in PC systems. VIA’s flexible range of South Bridge chips enables critical functionality for this demanding role. As the amount of multimedia data on the PC increases, the chipset South Bridge enables quick transfer of that data, and the capability to store the data with maximum security and redundancy. VIA South Bridges also provide high speed links to the latest peripheral devices such as PVR recorders and network connections, giving the modern day PC ever increasing living room functionality.

VIA South Bridges can be enabled on a complete range of VIA core logic chipset platforms supporting VIA, Intel® and AMD processors, in a full spectrum of device types, including desktop PCs and workstations, mini PCs, full-featured and thin ‘n’ light notebooks, and a host of embedded devices.

For VIA Processors

Supporting VIA Nano®, VIA C7® and VIA Eden® processors for high performance embedded applications:

North Bridges

Integrated North & South Bridge Single-Chip solutions

Supporting VIA C3®-M processors

For Intel® Processors

Supporting Intel® Pentium® III processors

*Note: VIA no longer sells some or all of these chipsets

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