NetworkingVIA meets the ever-changing demands of the networking and communications markets by anticipating and developing the most appropriate new technologies to satisfy customer needs in terms of functionality, performance and cost-effectiveness. The company unites its industry partners, including leaders in the PC Industry widening the choices available to both its customers and individuals and businesses that buy from them.

VIA Networking Products

» Wireless Solutions
VIA Wireless solutions include the earliest Bluetooth solutions to the latest wireless LAN (WLAN) controller chips.

» Switch Solutions
VIA’s switch controller product line is primarily for high port-count network switches for enterprise applications, included are 18, 24, and 26-port mainstream products.

» Gigabit Solutions
The VIA Velocity™ series of Gigabit Ethernet controllers enable leading-edge performance in a highly integrated package.

» NIC Solutions
The VIA Rhine product family comprises 10/100Mbps Fast Ethernet Network Interface Card (NIC) controllers for the PCI bus interface.

» PHY Solutions
The VIA Tahoe product family comprises single chip 10/100/1000Mbps Fast Ethernet Physical Layer and Transceiver Interface solutions.

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