Atlantic II VT6510B/C Switch Controllers

VT6510BThe VIA Atlantic II VT6510B/C is a non-blocking low-cost Ethernet switch engine equipped with 9 10/100Mbps ports and one port supporting 10/100/1000Mbps. Fully compliant with the latest in IEEE standards the VT6510B/C contains a wide range of features including 802.3x flow control, VLAN support, a high performance switching engine, and support for IP multicasting. With its extensive features and powerful design the VT6510B/C enables system manufacturers to build next-generation, intelligent switches for the fast-growing small to medium business market segement at price points only previously possible with unmanaged switches and repeaters.

Benefits of VIA Atlantic VT6510B/C

Simplicity: Provides a simple low maintenance plug and play network interconnect system for small to medium size businesses

Scalability: Highly scalable feature set allows system manufacturers to enable or disable a range of features to best meet their target price point.

Value: Highly integrated design drives down overall switch manufacturing costs enabling the migration from unmanaged switches and repeaters to intelligent next generation switch solutions.

Key Features

» Single-chip low-power non-blocking store-and-forward shared-memory layer-2 switched Ethernet controller
» 9 10/100BaseT/TX ports
» 1 Gigabit Ethernet port
– 802.3z and 802.3ab compliant
– GMII interface to connect with Gigabit PHY devices and integrated Physical Coding Sublayer (PCS) logic to provide direct interface to Gigabit SERDES transceivers.
– Gigabit port can also be configured as a 10/100Mbps MII port, the 10/100Mbps RMII ports 0.7 can also be configured as a 1Mbps GPSI port to support the (8+2) HomePNA1.0 switch application.
» High-performance switching engine performs forwarding and filtering at full wire speed, maximum 148,810 packets/sec on each 100Mbps Fast Ethernet port, and maximum 1,488,100 packets/sec on the 1000Mbps Gigabit Ethernet port.
– Efficient self-learning and address recognition mechanism enables forwarding rate at wire speed
» Embedded 2Mbit packet memory and 1Mbit control memory.
– 10/8/6K address table entries.
– 1/2/4K VLAN table entries.
– 2K buffer link nodes.
– 1K IP multicast table entries.
– 512 protocol-based VLAN index table entries.
– 290 MIB counters (only for VT6510B, not supported in VT6510C).
– Programmable, up to 2K bytes maximum Ethernet frame length.
» Supports SMI auto-polling for configuring speed, duplex mode, and 802.3x flow control capability for each Ethernet port to enable plug-and-play operation. All ports can be in force mode or auto-polling mode.
– Supports individual SMI and SPI interface for polling Ethernet PHY and HomePNA1.0 PHY.
» 802.3x support
– Supports 802.3x flow control for full-duplex ports. Supports collision-based backpressure for half-duplex ports.
– Supports 802.3ad port trunking with flexible load distribution control and fail-over function.
» 802.1 support
– 802.1Q port-based VLAN with both IVL and SVL.
– 802.1v protocol-based VLAN classification.
– 802.1s Multiple Spanning Trees.
– Fast address migration to support 802.1w Rapid Reconfiguration.
– 802.1p Class of Service with 2-level priority queueing.
» Supports 16-bit CPU interface for 8/16-bit IDE, ARM with DMA (single/block/demand mode), 80186 with DMA (single/block mode) for management and SOHO router applications.
» Auto-negotiation for configuring speed, duplex mode, and 802.3x flow control capability for the gigabit Ethernet port with (full duplex only) TBI interface.
» Head of Line (HOL) blocking prevention.
» Broadcast storm filtering.
» Supports both Direct and CRC-map hashing algorithms.
» Supports IP Multicast ing by 1K IP multicast table.
– 10/8/6K address table for unicast or static multicast addresses.
» Auto-aging with programmable inter-age time.
» Provides 800 Mbps (4 full-duplex ports) aggregate bandwidth per trunk group.
» Supports chip initialization via strapping or 2-pin EEPROM interface. CPU initialization is supported but not required.
» Supports source-port-based, destination-port-based, and source-destination-pair-based Sniffer function.
» Support for ingress port security mode.
» Provides 29 counters per port to support MIB II-RFC1213 (RMON Groups 1, 2, 3, 9), RFC1493(Bridge MIB), RFC1643(Ether-Like MIB) (only for VT6510B, not supported in VT6510C).
» Provides serial LED display for port status, buffer/bandwidth utilization, and power-on embedded memory self-test indication.
» Internal oscillator and PLL
– Only a low-cost 25MHz external crystal required
» 2.5V core, 3.3V pad, TSMC 0.22mm CMOS process, 208-pin EDHS-PQFP package.

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