Fire VT6325 PCI-Express Combo Controller

VT6325Designed for mobile PC and embedded system platforms where low profile is essential, the VT6325 PCIe Combo Controller is highly interoperable with a range of flash media, providing card vendors with the utmost flexibility to design versatile, ultra-compact systems that enable customers to read and transfer data from any of five flash card formats. The chip integrates two controllers on one piece of silicon: one is an IEEE 1394a-2000 OHCI link layer controller with integrated 400 Mbps 1 port 1394a PHY, and the other is a 5-in-1 flash card reader controller that supports SecureDigital (SD), MultiMediaCard (MMC), MemoryStick (MS/MSPro), xD PictureCard (XD), SmartMedia (SM), and SDIO host interfaces.

VT6325’s 1394 OHCI Host Controller provides high performance serial connectivity by implementing Link and PHY layers for both IEEE 1394 and 1394a High Performance Serial Bus specification. It is compliant with 1394 OHCI rev. 1.1 with DMA engine support for high performance data transfer via a 32-bit bus master PCI host bus interface.

The VT6325 PCIe Combo Controller supports industry-standard IEEE 1394 peripheral connections and it can support 100, 200 and 400 Mbit per sec transmission via an integrated PHY. VT6325 services two types of data packets: asynchronous and isochronous (real time). The 1394 link core performs arbitration requesting, packet generation and checking, bus cycle master operations, and also has root node capability and performs retry operations.

The 1394a function of the VT6325 combo controller is supported by the Microsoft® OHCI driver, which is built in Windows® 98 Second Edition, Windows® ME, Windows® 2000, Windows® XP, Windows 2003 server, and Windows® Vista.

For card reader function the VT6325 PCI Combo Controller provides VIA’s highly compatible combo card reader drivers to the most popular operating systems, that includes Windows® 2000, XP, Server2003, Vista, and Linux 2.4.x/2.6.x. Furthermore, the Windows® drivers of VIA card reader have certificated by Microsoft® DTM and got Windows® XP/Vista logo, including x86 and x64 platforms, and includes an enable/disable function allowing specific cards to be switched on or off, providing the most flexibility for system requirement.


PCI-Express BUS and Basic Function Specification

  • Full compliance to PCI Express Revision 1.1
  • Supports Advanced Error Reporting capability
  • Active State Power Management (ASPM) to L0s and L1
  • Flexible programmable Bus master burst sizes and advanced internal arbitration control to optimize the bus utilization
  • Compliance with PCI bus power management specification v1.1 and ACPI v2.0.
  • Supports PCI Multi-Function and designs for Microsoft® Windows®
  • Supports I2C EEPROM
  • EEPROM contains other hardware configuration
  • Supports Shadow EEPROM mechanism for EEPROM-less application
  • Function enable/disable among 1394/xD/MMC/MS/SDIO

1394 Function Specification

  • Single chip compliance with IEEE 1394a-2000, 1394-1995 and 1394a Open HCI host controller integrated 1-port PHY layer function
  • Compliance with 1394 Open HCI specification 1.0 and 1.1
  • Compliance with IEEE 1394-1995 specification release 1.0
  • Compliance with IEEE 1394a P2000
  • Provide 8 isochronous transmit contexts
  • Provide 4 isochronous receive contexts
  • Supports 400 / 200 / 100 Mbps of data transfer rate
  • General DMA controller control mechanism and I/F design
  • 3-deep physical post write queue
  • 4-deep physical response queue
  • GUID PROM shadow to EEPROM

Card Reader Function Specification

  • Secure DigitalTM (SD)
  • Compliance with SD memory card Spec Rev 1.0/1.1
  • Support to SD-HC
  • SDIO Host Controller
  • Compliance with SDIO card Spec Rev 1.1.
  • Compliance with SD Host controller standard card Spec Rev 1.0
  • Multi Media Card (MMC)
  • High speed Multi Media Card Plus support – Compliance with Multi Media Card Specification Version 4.1/4.2
  • Support High Speed Multi Media Card features 8-bit parallel data transfer
  • Support to MMC-HC
  • Memory Stick Card/ Memory Stick Pro Card (MS PRO)
  • Compliance with Memory Stick standard format specification Ver:1.3/1.4/1.42
  • Compliance with Memory Stick Pro format Specification Ver:1.0/1.02
  • Support to MS PRO-HG
  • xD Picture Card
  • Compliance with xD Picture card specification Ver:1.2 / v1.2b
  • Compliance with xD Picture card host guideline specification Ver:1.2
  • Dedicated LED Indicators for Card Reader

Power and Clock Specification

  • Supports CLKREQ# to enhance power management for mobile PCs
  • 3.3V and 1.2V I/O Power
  • Operates at 3.3V power supply
  • 5V tolerant input for inputs
  • Built-in 3.3V to 1.2V regulator
  • Built-in dedicated power switch for xD, MMC, MS, and SD (low voltage)
  • 2KV ESD protection
  • Crystal Oscillator: 24.576 MHz for 1394 and card reader

Package Type

  • 9mm x 9mm. 64 pin QFN
VIA Technologies, Inc.