Vectro VT6204

VT6204The VIA Vectro VT6204 USB 2.0 to IDE bridge controller is configured for consumer peripherals and mobile devices, enabling extended storage capabilities and seamless connectivity to all IDE peripheral devices such as external hard drives and optical media drives.

Benefits of VIA Vectro VT6204

High Interoperability: The VIA Vectro VT6204 is highly interoperable with all kinds of ATA/ATAPI devices, providing support for 3.5inch and 2.5inch HDD and optical drives, extending storage capacity through seamless connectivity between PCs, mobile systems and consumer IDE-based peripheral devices.

High Performance: The VIA Vectro VT6204 offers fast data transfer rates of up to 480Mbps to and from IDE-based Mass Storage Class Peripheral controllers and enables secure connection, effective communication and transfer of data between stand-alone and mobile IDE-based storage peripherals.

Simplicity: Connection takes place through a simple attachment, allowing seamless plug-and-play connection between USB 2.0 IDE-based storage peripherals, eliminating the need for configuration.

Low-Power Consumption: The VIA Vectro VT6204 USB 2.0 to IDE controller features ultra low power consumption and advanced process technology, optimized for low operating and standby power consumption, saving battery life in mobile systems.


Certified by the USB Implementers Forum for Hi-Speed Low Power USB 2.0 operation, the VIA Vectro VT6204 is the first USB 2.0 to IDE bridge controller to be granted this globally recognized certification. Featuring full speed and high speed transfer rates, ultra-low power consumption and high interoperability with all kinds of IDE devices and built-in SRAM memory buffer, the VIA Vectro VT6204 provides the most favorable solution for direct and instantaneous point-to-point connection, enabling free and effective communication between IDE-based consumer electronics and handheld devices with PCs and mobile systems.

The VIA Vectro VT6204 transfers data at speeds of up to 480Mbps, while maintaining very low operating power consumption of less than 100mA and configuration power of only 60mA. Through its low power architecture and advanced CMOS 0.22µm process technology, VIA has minimized the power consumption of the VIA Vectro VT6204 by more than 80% of the maximum allowable power for USB peripherals operating without the use of external power.
The VIA Vectro V6204 is thus ideal for use in consumer peripherals and mobile systems, saving battery life of notebooks and other battery dependable peripheral devices.

Compliant with USB Specification Revision 2.0, ATA/ATAPI Specification Revision 6.0 and interface compliant with the UTMI (USB 2.0 Transceiver Macrocell Interface) Specification, the VIA Vectro VT6204 utilizes the exceptional bandwidth of USB 2.0 to support a wide range of 3.5 inch and 2.5 inch high density HDD, CDROM, DVDROM, CD-RW, DVD-RW and any other USB IDE-based networking and communication device.

The VIA Vectro VT6204 allows for dynamic attach and re-attach to the USB bus to allow hot-swap of devices. The External Serial (EEPROM) Interface enables memory retention and supports serial number, vendor number, product ID and miscellaneous storage.

Support for the VIA Vectro VT6204 is built into Microsoft® Windows® XP and Windows® 2000. Win98SE and WinME drivers are also suitable for the VIA Vectro VT6204.

VT6204 Block Diagram


Key Features

» Compliant with Universal Series Bus (USB) Specification Revision 2.0
» Compliant with USB Storage Class Specification Revision 1.0 (Bulk only protocol) and USB Mass Storage Class Specification
» Supports 480Mbps high speed and 12 Mbps full speed
» Compliant with UTMI (USB2.0 Transceiver Macrocell Interface) Specification
» USB interface supports CBI protocol for control / data transport
» Supports endpoints: bi-direction control, bulk read, bulk write and interrupt
» Compliant with ATA/ATAPI Specification Revision 6
– PIO mode 0~4, DMA mode 0~2, Ultra-DMA mode 0~4
– RBC command conversion for ATA device
– MMC-2 command pass through ATAPI command
» Integrated USB 2.0 PHY
» Dedicated bus idle timer for reduced power consumption
» Dynamic clock stop control for power consumption reduction
» Embedded 24GB mask ROM and 256-byte SRAM
» Additional 256-byte SRAM for general purpose
» Support 64KB ROM / Flash for flexibility
» Dedicated 2K-byte SRAM for lookup table
» 2.5V power supply with 5V tolerant inputs
» Supports External Serial EEPROM Interface for Firmware Parameters
» 4GPIOs for Special Function Use
» Dedicated LED indicators and power control to memory devices
» Manufactured using 0.22 low power CMOS process
» 64-pin LQFP Package without firmware support for 2.5 inch drives
» 128-pin LQFP Package with firmware support for 3.5 inch drives

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