Video Display

VIA_VideoHigh quality video is a driving force behind the spread of multimedia content for a whole new range of convergence devices, with increasing demands for higher quality, compatibility, and feature support. With this mind VIA continues to aggressively develop innovative and feature rich video technologies for a wide range of markets.

VIA Video Display Products

VIA Video TV Encoders

Designed to enable the connection of PC devices to the latest display devices, the VIA Video TV Encoders enable support for a wide range of NTSC/PAL standards and also the latest generation of SDTVs and HDTVs. VIA’s technology also offers solutions for advanced vertical and horizontal image scaling and flicker-free displays.

VIA Video LVDS Transmitters

VIA line of dual-channel LVDS transmitters for LCD panel display interfaces which are easy to integrate, flexible, and ideal for high-resolution flat-panel display applications.

VIA Video DVI Transmitters

As consumers demand greater quality and a wider range of visual interfaces, VIA Video DVI Transmitters provide high speed, integrated solutions to enable the most advanced display devices.

*Note: VIA no longer sells some or all of these chipsets

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