Eden ULV

VIA_Eden_Embedded_Processor_Logo1Specifically targeted at a range of business, industrial and commercial applications such as thin clients, silent desktops, IPCs and set top boxes where ultra cool, ultra quiet, reliable performance is essential. The VIA Eden® processor family boasts an ultra-efficient architecture, world-class 90 nm production and the highly efficient VIA bus interface for unprecedented passively-cooled, “fanless” performance.

The VIA Eden® ULV processors set new levels in low power consumption, achieving an unprecedented speed for a fanless processor of 1.6 GHz, drawing a maximum of just 8 watts while the 500 MHz achieves within a remarkable 1 watt of power!

500MHz_VIA_Eden_ULV_Embedded_Processor_image_2This unbeatable power efficiency and highly effective heat dissipation is combined with leading digital media performance in the ultra compact NanoBGA2 package measuring just 21 mm x 21 mm—opening up new realms for silent yet powerful system design.

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