Nano X2 E-Series

VIA_Nano_X2_E-Series_Processor_LogoVIA Nano® X2 E-Series processors combine two 64-bit, superscalar VIA Nano® cores on one die, offering enhanced multi-tasking and superb multimedia performance on a low power budget for embedded products.

VIA_PadLock_Logo2Nano® X2 E-Series processors include VIA VT virtualization, a technology that allows legacy software and applications to be used in virtual scenarios without impacting performance. The unique VIA AES Security Engine offers hardware-based data encryption on the fly, an essential tool in content protection and system security.

VIA_Nano_X2_E-Series_Processor_FrontVIA Nano® X2 E-Series processors are natively 64-bit compatible, facilitating an essential transition for the future of the embedded industry as 64-bit operating systems such as Windows Embedded Standard 7 allow for vastly improved data throughput per clock cycle. This makes it easier to manipulate large data sets and improves overall performance.

Available in two models running at speeds of 1.2+GHz and 1.6+GHz, VIA Nano® X2 E-Series processors are manufactured using 40nm process technology and feature a VIA NanoBGA2 package of 21mm x 21mm with a die size of 11mm x 6mm. They are fully pin-to-pin compatible with VIA C7®VIA Nano® E-SeriesVIA Eden® X2, and VIA QuadCore E-Series processors.

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