Smart Industry

VIA Smart Industry Solutions
VIA Smart Industry Solutions provide the fundamental building blocks to connect, collect, control and communicate key data on the factory floor and manage remote deployments from afar. You can take advantage of additional hardware and software customization services to finely tune systems for yourvapplication-specific requirements, ensuring optimal reliability and performance around the clock.


VIA Energy Management Solutions

With our years of experience in designing ruggedized, ultra-compact, power-efficient solutions for the most demanding computing environments, VIA offers a customizable portfolio of application-ready Energy Management Solutions ideally suited for optimizing complex power generation, transmission, and consumption processes and systems.


VIA Industrial Automation Solutions

VIA provides the foundation for shaping the smart factory of the future with our market-leading range of VIA Industrial Automation Solutions. Combining rich multimedia and HMI capabilities with seamless I/O and wireless connectivity to manufacturing equipment and production networks, VIA Industrial Automation Solutions include a wide selection of ruggedized low power systems that can be rapidly customized to deliver reliable 24/7 operation in even the most challenging factory environments.

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