In-Vehicle Solutions

Passenger expectations for increased convenience and comfort are rapidly reshaping the landscape across all modes of transportation, creating new challenges and opportunities to enhance customer satisfaction, build loyalty, and stand out from the competition by providing compelling new services and experiences.

VIA provides the fast track for smart in-vehicle innovation with our robust and scalable IoT systems and IoT acceleration platforms that can be rapidly customized for a plethora of fleet management, infotainment, and security applications that increase operational efficiency, boost passenger loyalty, and generate new revenue streams. Combining ruggedized designs optimized for the specific power and reliability demands of on-the-road operation with seamless I/O and wireless connectivity, VIA In-Vehicle Solutions include an unrivaled selection of scalable systems and platforms that can be rapidly customized for a wide variety of demanding commercial applications.

Core Applications

VIA In-Vehicle Solutions enable you to enhance passenger convenience and safety while simultaneously boosting fleet efficiency and reducing costs through the following core applications:

  • Data Collection:

    Rich wireless and I/O connectivity options for capturing and transmitting route-tracking, fuel consumption, traffic, and accident data from vehicles.

  • Data Analysis:

    Real-time data processing and analysis to optimize route planning and navigation and minimize journey times and fuel costs.

  • Monitoring and Control:

    Remote 24/7 monitoring and control to optimize vehicle utilization and increase ROI.

  • Infotainment:

    Advanced multimedia features for the delivery of news and entertainment services to boost passenger satisfaction and generate additional income streams.

  • 360° Video Monitoring and Recording:

    Real-time in-vehicle monitoring and recording for up to eight individual HD camera streams to track driver behavior and boost vehicle safety.



VIA IoT Acceleration Platforms

VIA has developed a growing range of IoT acceleration platforms for commercial fleets and vehicles, including taxis, trucks, buses, and trains, that enhance safety management, driver monitoring, vehicle maintenance & diagnostics, and vehicle tracking. A wealth of flexible hardware and software customization options are available to meet your exact deployment requirements.

VIA Mobile360 Solutions

The VIA Mobile360 Solutions deliver real-time in-vehicle 360° video monitoring and recording to provide the most effective solution for driver monitoring, safety, and vehicle tracking.

VIA Train Wi-Fi Server IoT Acceleration Platform

The VIA Train Wi-Fi Server IoT Acceleration Platform has been specifically engineered to provide a fanless, ruggedized solution that withstands the demanding operating conditions of rail travel and delivers optimum reliability and performance.


VIA Smart Taxi IoT Acceleration Platform

Combining the VIA AMOS-825 system with an LCD monitor, the VIA Smart Taxi IoT Acceleration Platform has been designed from the ground up to provide a flexible and ultra-rugged system for enabling smart taxi applications and services such as navigation, route tracking, driver notifications, passenger pickups, and electronic payments that not only increase customer satisfaction but also enhance driver productivity and safety. Already deployed by one of the leading taxi companies in Japan, the platform provides the reliability and scalability required by operators worldwide to boost their competitiveness against disruptive new entrants into the market.

VIA BLISS IoT Acceleration Platform

The Android-based VIA BLISS (Bus Line In-Seat System) IoT Acceleration Platform provides a seamless end-to-end solution to ensure passengers remain in-touch, informed and entertained throughout their coach journey. With its scalable design and flexible development environment, the platform also provides operators with the ability to further boost their competitiveness and generate additional revenue streams by creating new applications and services such as destination experience programs in partnership with leading hotels, restaurants, museums, and entertainment venues.


VIA Systems

Optimized for exacting on-the-road power, temperature, and vibration requirements, VIA Systems have been adopted by a growing number of transportation and logistics organizations throughout the world, including the leading taxi company in Japan. They include a broad array of robust and scalable systems with multiple customization options.



This robust fanless small form factor system has been specifically designed for demanding in-vehicle applications with support for wide voltage input, a wide operating temperature range, sophisticated power management, and ignition-controlled quick boot.


This rugged ultra-compact fanless system is a highly-integrated solution for a variety of in-vehicle fleet management applications with multiple hardware and software customization options.


This ruggedized fanless system provides an ultra-reliable high-performance solution for data-intensive in-vehicle monitoring and control scenarios as well as multimedia infotainment applications.

Rapid Customization

VIA In-Vehicle Solutions are based on a modular design philosophy that speeds up system hardware and software optimization and customization for demanding commercial applications. Key customization options include:


Peripheral Integration

With a wide selection of RS-232, USB, GPIO, and HDMI ports and CAN bus support, VIA In-Vehicle Solutions provide flexible connections to modern and legacy in-vehicle systems and devices. Gigabit Ethernet, Wi-Fi, 4G, and GPS options ensure high-speed network connections for real-time navigation and vehicle monitoring and control applications.

In-Vehicle Environment Optimization

With their ruggedized form factors, low power consumption, wide operating temperature ranges, 9-36V voltage input options, and the ability to withstand 70G shock and 7Grms vibration, VIA In-Vehicle Solutions can be fine-tuned to meet even the most demanding in-vehicle operation requirements.

Software Customization

With a wealth of Android, Linux and Windows software development expertise and easy-to-use BSPs and SDKs, including the VIA Smart ETK, we provide a comprehensive range of software customization services for optimizing the compatibility, performance, I/O connectivity, and peripheral integration of VIA In-Vehicle Solutions across multiple platforms.

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