VIA BLISS In-Seat Bus Infotainment Solution

The VIA BLISS (Bus Line In-Seat System) platform is a flexible In-Seat Bus Infotainment Solution for creating an immersive travel environment that transforms the passenger experience by providing them with personalized entertainment, information, and communication services whenever and wherever they demand them:

In-Seat Bus Infotainment Solution

  • On-demand movies, TV programming, music videos, and games from the comfort of the bus seat
  • Constant high-speed Internet, email, and social media connectivity throughout the journey using their mobile device or system screen
  • In-journey navigation information and services such as route updates, estimated arrival times, and bookings for onward connections, hotel rooms, and restaurants
  • In-bus promotions and advertising for travel-related services and local attractions
  • Remote management and Over-the-Air (OTA) update system to ensure 24/7 operation reliability

Comprising all the core hardware, software, and connectivity components required for ensuring passengers remain in-touch, informed and entertained during their journey, VIA provides a seamless end-to-end In-Seat Bus Infotainment Solution that can be rapidly deployed and easily customized to meet specific customer requirements.

Download the BLISS Platform DM here.

In-Seat Android System Starter Kit

The In-Seat Android System Starter Kit provides a flexible and reliable solution for jumpstarting the development and installation of seat-back and seat-side Android touch-screen systems. Based on a high-performance dual ARM Cortex-A9 powered platform with advanced HD video playback and multimedia capabilities, the systems are available in a choice of 7” and 10.1” display configurations and can be paired with the appropriate mounting components based on customer requirements.

In-Seat Bus Infotainment Solution

The Android-based touch-screen system includes a reliable and fully-customized BSP tailored for in-vehicle infotainment services, offering the greatest flexibility in design and integration compared to other platforms on the market. Also included is our proprietary VIA Smart ETK (Embedded Tool Kit) and sample app, which provides developers with the easiest way for Android apps to access embedded components while keeping the integrity of the Android framework intact.

Android Development and Customization Services

Customers can also leverage VIA’s Android experience and expertise to save development time and costs and leave them free to focus on their core value adds.

Some of the key Android customization services VIA can provide include:

  • Boot time optimization and logo customization
  • Boot to app instead of desktop
  • Hide system bar from users
  • Default SSID for Wi-Fi to prevent devices from attempting to connect to hotspots
  • Creation of a customized launcher to block users from altering key settings or installation of unwanted apps

Video-on-Demand Server

The VIA Video-on-Demand Server is an ultra-reliable, high-performance solution that enables the storage, management, and delivery of high-resolution video and media content in the most popular formats such as H.264 across the entire in-bus entertainment system from a single platform.


Built and tested to withstand the most demanding road conditions, the server features full anti-vibration protection and supports a wide-range power input of 9V~36V, so that it can run from the bus battery. It can also operate in extended temperatures ranging from -20°C~+65°C, making it suitable for a wide variety of climatic conditions.

The server offers a broad array of in-bus connectivity options, including Gigabit Ethernet and TV, as well as 3G, Wi-Fi, and Bluetooth LE using VIA AirTalk™, enabling operators to deliver a comprehensive array of value-added services to their passengers. The configuration of the server can also be further customized to meet additional customer requirements.

Network System

In-Seat Bus Infotainment Solution

At the center of the Network System is a 9-port main hub (1-in, 8-out) which connects to the onboard VOD server and bus power system, allowing for the delivery of internet access, media content and power to in-seat devices through a single CAT 6 cable. The in-bus network can be extended to support up to fifty-six in-seat devices through the inclusion of up to eight 8-port side hubs (1-in, 7-out).

Device Management System

To ensure there is not a moment of downtime, VIA provides a Device Management System (DMS) to monitor, control and update devices remotely ensuring your passengers are fully entertained throughout the entirety of their journey. VIA can provide a full backend setup or quickly integrate the DMS services into your existing system.

Monitoring: Remote monitoring of device status and notification system.

Control: Provides remote management of devices to quickly get them back online if an error occurs including power on/off and system reboot.

Update: OTA (Over-the-Air) update system to quickly implement new features and bug fixes through software updates.

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