VIA Train Wi-Fi Server IoT Acceleration Platform

Railways play a critical role in serving the transportation needs of China’s billion+ residents. As an increasing number of passenger’s board trains each year, the demand for Wi-Fi connectivity throughout the journey is also rising, particularly on stretches where 3G coverage does not reach. In addition passengers are asking for increased services including entertainment options, schedule updates and other travel related privileges.

Wi-Fi Service System

C-Media_logoTo answer this call, VIA has partnered with C Media to create a VIA Train Wi-Fi Server that provides uninterrupted Internet connectivity to hundreds of thousands of train travelers across China. Passengers on the more than 700 trains which are being outfitted with the system can utilize the C Media “Bamboo Basket” software application suite to log on to the network with their own devices and access a wide range of entertainment options and travel services.

  • Free movies, music, and games
  • Popular social media platforms
  • Timetable updates, meal ordering and ticket reservations

For more details read the full press release here.

Designed for the Rigors of the Rail

Providing the backbone of the service platform, VIA has been specifically engineered a fanless, ruggedized Wi-Fi server system to withstand the demanding operating conditions of rail travel, ensuring reliability and performance. Key support features include:

  • Varying power supply requirements
  • Wide operating temperature ranges
  • Extreme vibration conditions
  • Flexible expansion options
  • Up to 120 users per train car

VIA Railway Solutions and Services

In addition to the system, VIA offers a wide range of other leading edge solutions for railway providers including VIA Video Walls, digital signage solutions backed with our VIA MagicView® and MaxWall content management software, as well as our VIA AirTalk™ wireless connectivity suite of services. For more information please contact us today.


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