Mobile360 Solutions

VIA Mobile360 Solutions enhance vehicle tracking and safety and boost fleet utilization and efficiency. Featuring a robust in-vehicle system that has been optimized for the most demanding on-road and off-road conditions, VIA Mobile360 solutions are available in a choice of Surround View and ADAS configurations that can be easily customized for a broad spectrum of applications in almost any environment – from crowded city streets and loading docks to remote mines and construction sites.
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Mobile360 Solutions
Freight Transportation & Delivery

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Construction, Industrial, & Mining

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Agriculture & Forestry


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Waste Management

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Armored Cars & Secure Freight Shipping

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Buses and Coaches




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VIA Mobile360 Surround View

VIA Mobile360 Surround View delivers real-time in-vehicle 360° video monitoring and recording for up to six individual HD camera streams. By providing drivers with a comprehensive view of their immediate environment, VIA Mobile360 Surround View helps to prevent accidents caused by blind spots and to improve vehicle maneuverability in dense urban spaces and demanding terrains. With its remote monitoring capabilities, it also enables fleet operators to track the status of their vehicles and respond immediately to incidents that occur during the journey.[/bs_col]
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VIA Mobile360 ADAS

VIA Mobile360 ADAS (Advanced Driver Assistance System) is a road safety-enhancing solution with an intuitive HMI interface that keeps drivers alerted to constantly-changing road variables under a wide array of conditions to make their journey as safe and efficient as possible.


VIA Mobile360 ADAS Solutions



VIA Mobile360 System

With its ruggedized chassis, extended temperature support, and flexible voltage input, the VIA Mobile360 system has been specifically designed for the rigors of in-vehicle operation. Key features include:

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  • Integrated 4G modem and GPS for remote wireless tracking and monitoring
  • Support for up to six CSI/PoC cameras through six FAKRA connectors
  • 512GB SSD (-40° – 90°) local storage
  • Optional 7” HD resistive touch screen with VESA mount support
  • 5+ years’ longevity with vitality support and locked BOM option
  • Hardware and software customization options

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Model NameMobile360 System
Processor1.8GHz Cortex-A17 / 1.4GHz Cortex-A7 big.LITTLE octa-core SoC
System memory2GB Mobile LPDDR3 1600MHz RAM (Package-on-Package with SoC)
System Storage1 512GB Transcend 2.5" MLC SSD (-40°C-90°C)
16GB eMMC Flash memory
1 Micro SD card slot
Wireless Connectivity1 4G LTE module
1 Wi-Fi 802.11b/g/n + Bluetooth 4.0 module
1 GPS receiver
Camera Connectivity6 FAKRA connectors
I/O Connectivity1 HDMI port
3 USB 2.0 ports (1 lockable)
1 Mini USB 2.0 port (for debugging)
1 D-sub connector for CAN Bus
2 DIO ports (4 GPI + 4 GPO)
1 Gigabit Ethernet port
2 Audio jacks: Line-out and Mic-in
3 Antennas for 4G, GPS and Wi-Fi
Power Supply9-36V DC-in with ACC/IGN
Operating SystemAndroid 5.0
VIA Smart ETKRTC Wake-up, Suspend, Watchdog timer, CAN Bus, GPIO
Operating Temperature-20°C ~ 65°C
Storage Temperature-20°C ~ 70°C
Vibration Loading During OperationWith SSD: ISO-16750-3 Mechanical Loads, test VIII
Equipment mounted on decouple commerical vehicle Cab. Longitudinal (X) : 1.20Grms, Lateral (Y) : 1.34Grms, Vertical (Z) : 2.17Grms , 32hr/axis
Shock During OperationWith SSD: 50G, ISO-16750-1:2003, Half-sine wave, 6 directions, 6ms, 10 per direction
Dimensions215mm(W) x 48mm(H) x 282mm(D) (8.46" x 1.99" x 11.1")
Weight3.5 kg (7.7lbs)



VIA Mobile360 System Cameras

The VIA Mobile360 system can be equipped with up to six automotive-grade FOV-190 and FOV-50 cameras in flexible configurations to meet diverse customer requirements. Key features of the cameras include:

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FOV-190 Camera

  • Sensor: ISX016 CMOS (1.2M)
  • Genlock (Frame Syncing)
  • IP69K Certified
  • FOV: 190°
  • Horizontal Angle: 190.5° Typ.
  • Vertical Angle: 160.7° Typ.
  • Resolution: 1280 (H) x 720 (V) @ 30fps
  • Operating Temperature: -40° ~ 85°C

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FOV-50 Camera

  • Sensor: OV10640 (1.3MP)
  • IP67 Certified
  • FOV: 50°
  • Horizontal Angle: 50° Typ.
  • Vertical Angle: 42° Typ.
  • Resolution: 1280 (H) x 720 (V) @ 30fps
  • Operating Temperature: -40°C to 85°C
  • Output Formats: LVDS/YUV



VIA Mobile360 E-Track

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VIA Mobile360 E-Track is bundled with both the VIA Mobile360 Surround View and VIA Mobile360 ADAS solutions. It features a cloud portal that enables fleet owners to collect and organize vehicle and driver data for real-time vehicle tracking, driver monitoring, and asset management. Customizable event triggers keep managers informed of critical situations so that they can respond immediately, while a user-friendly graphical interface makes analysis of trip reports a breeze. Key features include:

  • Real-time route tracking
  • Real-time monitoring with event notifications
  • Event and data recording
  • Individual camera stream and video recording

Enhanced E-Track features can be added through the integration of up to two additional FOV-50 cameras, including:

  • Driver monitoring
  • Cargo monitoring
  • License plate detection

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VIA Mobile360 System Calibration

VIA provides full range of calibration services to optimize the installation of the VIA Mobile360 system and cameras. More information is available upon request.


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