Mobile360 ADAS

VIA Mobile360 ADAS (Advanced Driver Assistance System) is a road safety-enhancing solution with an intuitive HMI interface that keeps drivers alerted to constantly-changing road variables under a wide array of conditions to make their journey as safe and efficient as possible. It also enables operators to boost the efficiency of their fleets by optimizing journey times and delivery turnarounds and reducing repair, maintenance, and insurance liability costs.

With its ruggedized design that has been optimized for the most demanding on-road and off-road conditions, VIA Mobile360 ADAS provides a flexible and high-performance solution for a wide variety of applications ranging from Freight Transportation & Delivery, Construction, Industrial, & Mining, and Agriculture & Forestry to Refuse Collection, Armored Cars & Secure Freight Shipping, and Buses and Coaches.

VIA Mobile360 ADAS is available in a standard sample kit that supports a complete range of ADAS features including Lane Departure Warning, Forward Collision Warning, Blind Spot Detection, Pedestrian Detection, Vehicle Detection and Classification for special vehicles, motorcycles, and bicycles, Speed Limit Detection, and Rear-end Collision Avoidance. Functionality can be enhanced by the integration of advanced Computer Vision features.

The system also features VIA Mobile360 E-Track, a cloud portal that enables fleet owners to collect and organize vehicle and driver data for real-time vehicle tracking, event and data recording, and asset management. Customizable event triggers keep managers informed of critical situations so that they can respond immediately, while a user-friendly graphical interface makes analysis of trip reports a breeze.



VIA Mobile360 ADAS Sample Kit

VIA Mobile360 ADAS is available in the following base configuration:

VIA Mobile360 SystemRuggedized VIA Mobile360 System supporting:
- Six FAKRA connectors for real-time camera inputs
- 512GB SSD (-40-90) for event storage
- 4G modem for remote access
FOV-50 CamerasSharp 1.3MP FOV-50 automotive-grade camera including 10M FAKRA cable4US$2,000
7" Monitor7” automotive-grade HD resistive touch monitor with VESA mount support1US$400





Expansion Options

The functionality of VIA Mobile360 ADAS can be expanded through the integration of up to two additional automotive-grade FOV-50 cameras to enable advanced Computer Vision features such as driver monitoring, cargo monitoring, and licenses plate recognition.

ItemDescriptionUnit Price
FOV-50 CameraSharp 1.3MP FOV50 automotive-grade camera including 10M FAKRA cableUS$500



VIA Mobile360 ADAS Calibration

VIA provides full range of calibration services to optimize the installation of VIA Mobile360 ADAS. More information is available upon request.

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