VIA Mobile360 Solutions: Buses & Coaches

  • Real-time 360° surround view utilizing up to six CSI/POC cameras
  • Remote monitoring with 4G and GPS
  • E-Track driver monitoring option available
  • ADAS speed detection, collision warning, blind spot warning, and lane departure warning options available
  • Hardware & software customization options
  • 5+ years’ longevity with vitality support and locked BOM option

bus driver security

VIA Mobile360 Surround View provides bus and coach operators and drivers with a flexible and reliable solution for aiding long-distance driving and enabling safer and more efficient maneuvering and parking in dense and congested urban areas. As well as reducing the risk of collisions with cyclists, pedestrians, and other vehicles by eliminating potential blind spots, VIA Mobile360 Surround View also enhances bus driver security by giving them the ability to monitor the interior of the vehicle during the journey.




VIA Mobile360 Surround View delivers a host of benefits for bus and coach fleet operators and drivers:

Fleet Operators

  • Higher fleet efficiency through more effective route planning, vehicle monitoring, and asset utilization
  • Lower vehicle maintenance, repair and insurance costs through improved monitoring, reduced accidents, and the elimination of fake claims
  • Increased driver and passenger safety through the real-time display of 360° images of the interior and exterior of the vehicle
  • Reduced costs through minimizing potential losses from theft and vandalism

Vehicle Drivers

  • Safer maneuvering in dense urban spaces by minimizing potential accidents caused by blind spots or unseen objects, cyclists, pedestrians
  • Easier parking and passenger pick-ups and drop-offs near to schools, shopping centers, and other crowded areas
  • Safer driving on the highway by preventing glancing blows caused by a nearside blind spot
  • Increased security through earlier detection of potential passenger abuse and vehicle damage


VIA Mobile360 Surround View Sample Kit

VIA Mobile360 Surround View is available in a standard sample kit that can be customized through a variety of Enhanced Surround View, Partial ADAS, and Computer Vision expansion options.

For more information about VIA Mobile360 Surround View, please download this DM. The base configuration of the Sample Kit is as follows:

VIA Mobile360 SystemRuggedized VIA Mobile360 System supporting:
- Six FAKRA connectors for real-time camera inputs
- 512GB SSD (-40-90) for event storage
- 4G modem for remote access
FOV-190 Camera1.2MP FOV-190 automotive-grade camera with Gen-Lock (Frame Syncing) for superior image stitching output, including 10M FAKRA cable4
7" Monitor7” automotive-grade HD resistive touch monitor with VESA mount support1




Expansion Options

The functionality of VIA Mobile360 Surround View can be expanded through the integration of up to two additional automotive-grade FOV-190 or FOV-50 cameras. The following configuration options are available:

  • Enhanced Surround View: Up to two additional 1.2MP FOV-190 automotive-grade cameras with Gen-Lock (Frame Syncing) for enhanced 360° capture and stitching capabilities on longer vehicles.
  • Partial ADAS: Up to two 1.3MP FOV-50 automotive-grade cameras for the front/rear or right/left sides of the vehicle.
  • Computer Vision: Up to two 1.3MP FOV-50 automotive-grade cameras to enable enhanced E-Track capabilities such as driver monitoring, cargo monitoring, and license plate recognition.
FOV-190 Camera1.2MP FOV-190 automotive-grade camera with Gen-Lock (Frame Syncing) and 10M FAKRA cable
FOV-50 Camera1.3MP FOV-50 automotive-grade camera including 10M FAKRA cable



VIA Mobile360 ADAS Sample Kit

The VIA Mobile360 ADAS Sample Kit is also available for fleet operators in the bus and coach sectors requiring a complete ADAS solution.

For more information about VIA Mobile360 ADAS, please download this DM.



VIA Mobile360 System Calibration

VIA provides full range of calibration services to optimize the installation of the VIA Mobile360 system and cameras. More information is available upon request.

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