VIA IoT Studio

VIA IoT Studio solutions accelerate the development of IoT connected devices by combining the base hardware and software into a highly-integrated system platform that can be rapidly customized to meet specific application requirements. A wealth of customization services is provided, including chassis design, I/O peripheral integration, and middleware and application development, to enable customers to minimize time to market.

Designed for a growing number of smart home, business, and education applications and usage scenarios, VIA IoT Studio solutions provide the fastest and smoothest productization path for IoT connected devices.

VIA Alegro 100

Alegro 100

The VIA Alegro 100 is a multiprotocol home gateway router that can be configured to support all the most popular wireless standards, including Bluetooth, ZigBee, Z-Wave, KNX-TP, KNX-RF, Wi-Fi, and Ethernet. A choice of Linux and Android BSPs supported by advanced software development tools and services minimizes system development costs and accelerates time to market.

VIA Document Telestrator

VIA Document Telestrator

The VIA Document Telestrator enables teachers to enrich their lessons by making it easy for them to capture text and images from documents, books, magazines, and newspapers, and highlight them on a projector or monitor when making a classroom presentation. In addition to a high-performance 8MP one-touch auto-focus camera, the system integrates a full set of connectivity features including HDMI, VGA, microphone, audio, USB, and Ethernet ports in an ultra-compact form factor to provide the ideal platform for delivering attention-grabbing lessons and presentations.

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