AMOS-1000 (Mini-ITX) (EOL)

  • A universal compact embedded chassis supporting Mini-ITX embedded boards
  • Additional sub-system chassis for riser cards (PCI, PCIe) and storage (2nd or 3rd HDD, slim ODD, CF, DOM) expansion
  • Co-mechanical design for either 120W DC power board (default) or 1U AC ATX PSU (optional)
  • Ready for comprehensive I/O expansion
  • Multiple mounting solutions: Wall / Table mountable


VIA AMOS-1000 (Mini-ITX) Chassis

The VIA AMOS-1000 Mini-ITX chassis can be seamlessly integrated with additional riser and storage modules, to produce simple system expansion and application-specific customization. Using a PCI / PCIe riser card, numerous additional interfaces can be installed through easy-access doors on AMOS-1000 main system chassis by using the VIA riser expansion chassis module.

The VIA storage chassis module allows the addition of a second and third 2.5″ HDD, with room for a slim optical disk drive, such as a CD/DVD ROM. The storage module can be seamlessly installed on the underside of the VIA AMOS-1000 main system chassis.

The chassis is built with a DC 120W power board (PWB-M120) that accepts a wide range of DC power input from 12V to 24V. Developers can also choose the 1U ATX PSU. Based

on the VIA AMOS-1000 main system and its stackable sub-systems, VIA AMOS-1000 series provides a durable, easy maintenance and user friendly chassis that offers great value.


AMOS-1000 Documentation

User Manualv1.002009-09-22

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