CN896 North Bridge (EOL)


CN896The VIA CN896 North Bridge contains VIA’s first graphic core supporting DirectX® 9 3D graphics and it is also designed to support PCI Express to fully meet the increased system bandwidth demands placed on peripheral devices. Combined with VIA’s latest processors, the CN896 demonstrates the efficacy of the 800 MHz V4 host bus with its maximum data throughput of 6.4 Gbps. Its design provides OEM partners with a power efficient platform for affordable systems.

The VIA CN896 is rich in graphics features. Its integrated VIA C-9 HC IGP provides support for 2D and 3D acceleration and is fully compatible with DirectX 9. Together with a high performance VIA South Bridge VT8237S, the VIA CN896 offers a truly engaging multimedia experience.

The VIA CN896 supports a wide array of display devices. Tailor the CN896 for use with fat panel displays, a wide variety of LCD panels, TFT color panels, DVI monitors and TV displays. Separate display engines enable two outputs to display simultaneously with different information at different resolutions, pixel depths and refresh rates.

Supported by the VIA VT8237S South Bridge, the VIA CN896 North Bridge provides optimized system performance and power-efficient architecture, fully certified with the Microsoft® Windows Vista™ Logo. It incorporates support for a rich set of features including high bandwidth SATA (3 Gbps), USB 2.0, PCI Express, 10/100 Mbps Fast Ethernet, superb high definition multimedia experience with integrated VIA Vinyl HD audio core, and legacy interfaces such as PS/2 and PCI slots.

The VIA CN896 chipset features the VIA C-9 HC integrated graphics processor (IGP) featuring a DirectX® 9 3D accelerator for high performance and a 2D accelerator for productivity applications.

The 3D graphics engine of the CN896 chipset offers the industry’s only simultaneous usage of single-pass multitexturing and single-cycle trilinear filtering. This provides stunning image quality without performance loss. The integrated video accelerator also offloads the CPU during MPEG playback.

The C-Motion CE Video Display Engine employs a multi-faceted approach to displaying multimedia content, implementing a number of advanced tools at every stage of video processing. These include integrated MPEG-2 decoding, for flawless digital video playback with ultra-low CPU-utilization, and advanced rendering tools such as Adaptive De-Interlacing and Video Deblocking, which ensure clearer playback of digital content on all display devices such as CRT, LCD, standard definition TV and HDTV up to 1080p resolution*.

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