• Integrated VIA C-Pro AGP graphics with MPEG-2 decoding acceleration
  • Supports DDR2 400/533 SDRAM
  • Supports TV-out
  • Supports two SATA
  • Supports eight USB 2.0 (four as pin headers)



The VIA EPIA CN Mini-ITX mainboard is available with either the 1.3GHz or 1.0GHz VIA C7® processor and boasts the ultra efficient VIA V4 bus interface and VIA CN700 digital media chipset to inspire a new generation of powerful and flexible digital media appliances.

Offering a rich digital media platform, the VIA EPIA CN Mini-ITX mainboard integrates the VIA C-Pro IGP graphics processor with MPEG-2 hardware acceleration and the C-Motion CE engine to ensure smooth, crystal clear digital media streaming and playback. The platform also supports DuoView+ and has S-Video and RCA outputs to facilitate the design of dual display devices, as well as rich multi-channel audio for surround sound.

Setting new standards for flexibility and feature completeness, the VIA EPIA CN Mini-ITX mainboard supports up to 1GB of 400/533MHz DDR2 memory, native SATA II 0 and 1, and 10/100 Mbps broadband Ethernet. The platform also includes a PCI port, serial, parallel and USB ports for unparalleled connectivity options.

Leveraging the power efficient VIA C7® processor – based on the proven VIA Coolstream™ architecture and advanced 90nm process – with the energy efficient VIA CN700 digital media chipset supporting DDR2 memory, the VIA EPIA CN Mini-ITX mainboard boasts an average power consumption of just 16 watts to enable a new generation of low power consuming intelligent digital devices. The VIA C7® processor also integrates advanced hardware security with the VIA PadLock® Security Engine. Offering a comprehensive sets of security tools that includes the world’s fastest AES x86 encryption engine, the VIA PadLock Security Engine enables military-grade protection of data stored and exchanged without a hit to system performance.

The VIA EPIA CN Mini-ITX mainboard is compatible with Microsoft® Windows® 2000/XP, XPe and CE, as well as Linux, and offers developers a rich suite of security and media applications to accelerate time to market. Fully compatible with all Mini-ITX, FlexATX and MicroATX chassis and associated accessories including the new 120W DC-DC converter for VIA EPIA Mini-ITX mainboards, the VIA EPIA CN Mini-ITX gives developers and system integrators the essential tools to create innovative and flexible digital media appliances.


EPIA CN Documentation

User Manualv1.142018-05-29

EPIA CN BIOS / BIOS Flash Utility

BIOS Flash Utility for DOSv1.0522010-07-10

EPIA CN Driver Downloads

Windows® XP 32bit
Audiov6.05a2006 04 03
Ethernetv2.132006 04 03
Hyperion Pro 4 in 1v4.55v2006 04 03
RAIDv3.10d2006 04 03
USB 2.0v2.622006 04 03
USB 2.0v16.94.44.372006 04 03
Windows® CE6
Audiov3.3392009 08 13
Ethernetv3.82009 08 13
VGAv6.00.332009 08 13
Windows® CE5
Audiov2.3392009 08 13
Ethernetv3.82009 08 13
VGAv5.00.322009 08 13

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