IVP-7500 (EOL)

  • Intelligent Vehicle Platform: 11.4 cm x 18.6 cm
  • Integrated VIA C-Pro II 3D/2D AGP graphics with MPEG-2 and WMV9 decoding acceleration
  • Supports DDR2 533 / DDR2 400 ECC SDRAM (SODIMM)
  • Supports one IDE and one SD memory card
  • Supports one GPS module, and Bluetooth


VIA IVP-7500 (EOL) Intelligent Vehicle Platform

The IVP-7500 in-vehicle platform addresses the need for a solid, yet flexible, in-vehicle solution capable of withstanding the rigors of modern intelligent transportation applications including car PCs, fleet management, digital tachograph, odometer and security applications.

Offering system integrators faster time-to-market cycles than comparable custom designed platforms, the VIA IVP-7500 to makes in-vehicle device development easier than ever before. The flexible VIA IVP-7500 measures 114mm x 185.5mm and can be employed in a variety of dashboard implementations, including one or two DIN designs as well as discrete, in-seat and headrest designs. Communication devices include both GPS and Bluetooth modules and an IPEX antenna.

Powered by an energy-efficient fanless 1.0GHz VIA Eden® processor and the versatile VIA CX700M embedded chipset, the VIA IVP-7500 supports up to 1GB DDR2 system memory, IDE 1.8” hard drive support with FFC and SD card support, HD audio and a range of display technologies including an LCD panel interface, TV-out and VGA outputs. Camera ports include A/V and V-CAM for monitoring applications.

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