NAS7800 (EOL)

  • Supports one VIA VT6130 PCIe Gigabit Ethernet Controller (one more VIA VT6122 PCI Gigabit Ethernet for NAS7800-15LST)
  • Supports one Compact Flash type I slot
  • Supports one 32-Bit Mini PCI slot for NAS 7800-15LST
  • Supports four SATA (for NAS7800-15T); or eight SATA (for NAS7800-15LST)
  • Onboard TPM (Trusted Platform Module)


VIA NAS7800 Board

Thin servers such as network attached storage are proving increasingly popular with small and medium sized enterprises looking for secure, energy-efficient data storage without investing in large, expensive and power-hungry corporate solutions.

The VIA NAS 7800 is powered by a low heat, energy-efficient 1.5GHz VIA C7® processor with the option of a fanless VIA Eden® SKU, the VIA NAS 7800 boasts support for up to eight S-ATA II drives, two Gigabit ports. Security is assured with both a TPM module for key generation and storage while data encryption and decryption is performed through hardware using the integrated VIA PadLock Security Engine. An MFX module for comprehensive wake-up scheduling is included, allowing IT managers to further reduce energy costs.

Combining an enviably complete feature set and flawless security, the VIA NAS 7800 also uses a unique 19cm x 14.3cm form factor that matches that of standard optical drives, allowing easy design integration within standard drive sized chassis.


NAS7800 Documentation


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