Smart Facial Recognition Security System

VIA Smart Facial Recognition Security System

Strengthen building security and surveillance while allowing lightning-fast access for staff and approved visitors with the VIA Smart Facial Recognition Security System. Combining the high-performance NVIDIA Jetson TX2 AI platform with the high-precision VIA Facial Recognition algorithm, the system supports up to four high-quality surveillance cameras and enables seamless cloud integration with its advanced software and wealth of wireless connectivity features. Flexible customization options mean that it can be optimized for even the most complex building security environments.

VIA Smart Facial Recognition Security System

The system’s fast and accurate object and facial recognition software, featuring emotion, age and gender detection and people counting and tracking, can be configured to meet your specific security and surveillance application requirements, including:

  • facial recognition platformfacial recognition platformControlling access and tracking attendance for staff and trusted visitors
  • Flagging and denying access to intruders to protect against potential theft & disruption
  • Tracking, counting, and finding individuals fast
  • Monitoring and sending alerts for suspicious people, objects, and activities
  • Tightening security for restricted areas

With its scalable design, the system also provides ample headroom for the development and integration of additional applications and services for further boosting the security of your building in the future.

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