VIA Smart Retail Engagement System

Smart Retail Engagement System

Deliver compelling new consumer experiences while boosting staff productivity and store sales with the VIA Smart Retail Engagement System. With its high-precision facial recognition software and comprehensive analytics capabilities, the system not only enables you to create VIP customer programs that enhance consumer loyalty but also provides the data you need to track the performance and ROI of your in-store marketing and promotion activities.

Powered by the high-performance Qualcomm®APQ8096SG Embedded Processor, the VIA Retail Engagement System supports up to four video streams from a wide variety of CSI, USB, and IP cameras and ensures seamless cloud integration with its Gigabit Ethernet and wireless network connectivity features. The system’s fast and accurate facial recognition and analytics software supports emotion, age and gender detection, and people counting, as well as the ability to create white lists and black lists. It can be customized to meet your specific deployment requirements, including:

  • license plate recognition systemSmart Retail Engagement SystemAutomatically identifying and welcoming VIP customers when they enter your store
  • Delivering personalized greetings, offers, and services to boost VIP customer loyalty
  • Identifying peak shopping times to ensure the effective staff deployment
  • Flagging and denying access to blacklisted shoppers to protect against potential leakage

With its flexible design, the system also provides ample headroom for the development and integration of additional applications and services to meet your future retail engagement needs.

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