VIA Smart Access Control System

VIA Smart Facial Recognition Security System

Strengthen building security and surveillance while allowing lightning-fast access for staff and approved visitors with the VIA Smart Access Control System. Featuring high-precision facial recognition software and analytics, the system supports up to four video streams from a wide variety of CSI, USB, and IP cameras and enables seamless cloud integration with its Gigabit Ethernet and wireless network connectivity features. Flexible customization options mean that it can be optimized for even the most complex building security environments.

The system’s fast and accurate facial recognition and analytics software supports emotion, age and gender detection, and people counting, as well as the ability to create white lists and black lists. It can be customized to meet your specific deployment requirements, including:

  • license plate recognition systemSmart Retail Engagement SystemControlling access and tracking attendance for staff and trusted visitors
  • Flagging and denying access to intruders to protect against potential theft & disruption
  • Tracking, counting, and finding individuals fast
  • Monitoring and sending alerts for suspicious people and activities

With its scalable design, the system also provides ample headroom for the development and integration of additional applications and services to meet your future building access and security management needs.

Download your copy of the VIA Smart Access Control System brochure.

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