Mobile360 Mining Kit

Mining Kit
Boost safety with the VIA Mobile360 Mining Kit, a ruggedized system that enables operators of cranes, excavators, trucks and other heavy equipment to work in the most hazardous industrial environments. The system gives vehicle operators an enhanced view of their surroundings with a live 360° video stream of the vehicle exterior, coupled with Blind Spot and Front Collision Detection.

Designed to excel in the toughest of mining and quarry environments, the VIA Mobile360 Mining Kit is centered around a tough and ruggedized VIA Mobile360 M820 system connected to four FOV-190 Gen-Lock cameras to present the operator with a live 360-degree surround view of the vehicle – crucially this means vastly improved situational awareness for vehicles such as large excavators and bulldozers.

mining kit tri band
mining kit surround view

The onscreen Tri-Band viewer highlights the area around the vehicle, assisting the driver to spot any intrusion within the hazardous range by presenting three distinctly colored bands, the closest and most hazardous area represented with red band.

Safety can be further enhanced with additional ADAS cameras that support Blind Spot and Collision Detection. Additional cameras can be added to the system for Dynamic Moving Object Detection (DMOD), further enhancing safety when reversing in dangerous mining environments.

mining kit adas
mining kit adas

To ensure the VIA Mobile360 Mining Kit offers rock solid reliability in the harshest of operational environments, the VIA Mobile360 M820 system is housed in a robust, dual-layered aluminum enclosure that protects it from environmental threats, including heavy vibrations, dirt, dust, high and low operating temperatures, plus rain and humidity. The sealed, IP67-certified water proof enclosure design uses IP69K cables glands that ensure neat and seamless cable connections to the cameras and the cockpit display, while also being suitable for high-pressure, industrial wash down procedures.

mining kit
mining kit

VIA Mobile360 Mining Kit: Component List

  • Fanless, ruggedized VIA Mobile360 M820 in-vehicle system
  • Up to four FOV-190 Gen-Lock frame-stitching cameras
  • Up to three FOV-40 automotive-grade cameras for ADAS (2 Blind Spot Detection; 1 Front Collision Detection)
  • Dual-layered, ruggedized enclosure
  • Internal and external vibration pads
  • IP67-rated cable glands
  • IP69K-rated cameras
  • IP67-rated 10.1” LCD industrial-grade LCD display
  • Damping bracket with rubber feet

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