VIA Mobile360 Surround View System

in-vehicle 360° video monitoring

VIA Mobile360 Surround View delivers real-time in-vehicle 360° video monitoring and recording for up to six individual HD camera streams, to provide the most effective solution for vehicle tracking and safety.

By providing drivers with a comprehensive view of their immediate environment, VIA Mobile360 Surround View helps to prevent accidents caused by blind spots and to improve vehicle maneuverability in dense urban spaces. It also enables operators to increase the efficiency of their fleets by reducing journey times and delivery turnarounds and minimizing maintenance, repair, and insurance liability costs.

With its robust and versatile design that has been optimized for the most demanding on-road and off-road conditions, VIA Mobile360 Surround View is an ideal solution for a wide variety of applications ranging from Freight Transportation & Delivery, Construction, Industrial, & Mining, and Agriculture & Forestry to Refuse Collection, Armored Cars & Secure Freight Shipping, and Buses and Coaches.

in-vehicle 360° video monitoringThe system utilizes VIA Multi-Stitch technology to seamlessly combine the camera feeds on the fly and create an encompassing real-time spherical view of a vehicle’s surroundings that can be viewed locally or remotely. With its sophisticated 3D imaging algorithms, the technology not only ensures sharp and clear panoramic images but also supports dynamic multi-directional monitoring around the vehicle from an almost unlimited range of easily-configurable perspectives, including birds-eye view, front-view, rear-view, and side-view.

VIA Mobile360 Surround View also features VIA Mobile360 E-Track, a cloud portal that enables fleet owners to collect and organize vehicle and driver data for real-time vehicle tracking, event and data recording, and asset management. Customizable event triggers keep managers informed of critical situations so that they can respond immediately, while a user-friendly graphical interface makes analysis of trip reports a breeze.


VIA Mobile360 Surround View Sample Kit

VIA Mobile360 Surround View is available in a standard sample kit that can be customized through a variety of Enhanced Surround View, Partial ADAS, and Computer Vision expansion options.



Expansion Options

The functionality of VIA Mobile360 Surround View can be expanded through the integration of up to two additional automotive-grade FOV-190 or FOV-50 cameras.The following configuration options are available:

  • Enhanced Surround View: Up to two additional 1.2MP FOV-190 automotive-grade cameras with Gen-Lock (Frame Syncing) for enhanced 360° capture and stitching capabilities on longer vehicles.
  • Partial ADAS: Up to two 1.3MP FOV-50 automotive-grade cameras for the front/rear or right/left sides of the vehicle.
  • Computer Vision: Up to two 1.3MP FOV-50 automotive-grade cameras to enable enhanced E-Track capabilities such as driver monitoring, cargo monitoring, and license plate recognition.



VIA Mobile360 Surround View Calibration

VIA provides full range of calibration services to optimize the installation of VIA Mobile360 Surround View. More information is available upon request.

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