VIA Mobile360 D700 Drive Recorder Enhances Driver Safety and Lowers Fleet Operation Costs

VIA Mobile360 D700 Drive Recorder

The new VIA Mobile360 D700 Drive Recorder is a commercial-grade dual-camera in-vehicle safety system that enables fleet operators to achieve greater asset efficiency, reduce operational costs, and improve driver safety.

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Improve Vehicle Safety and Efficiency with the VIA Mobile360 D700 Drive Recorder

drive recorder driver safety

Increase driver safety through enhanced behavior monitoring and get detailed vehicle performance data of every trip with the new VIA Mobile360 D700 that combines all this together in a single, highly-integrated device.

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Mobile360 ADAS

VIA Mobile360 ADAS (Advanced Driver Assistance System) is a road safety-enhancing solution with an intuitive HMI interface that keeps drivers alerted to constantly-changing road variables

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