Bus driver using the VIA Mobile360 M800

VIA Mobile360 M800 Video Telematics System

Improve Safety Improve Safety Transform the safety of trucks, buses, and other large vehicles with pinpoint collision avoidance and driver fatigue and distraction alerts. Optimize Efficiency Optimize Efficiency Enhance the responsiveness of your fleet to rapidly changing customer needs with rich real-time vehicle tracking and utilization data. Lower Costs Lower Costs Cut insurance, maintenance, and […]

The Benefits of Self-Driving Cars

We’ve already covered what autonomous driving is. Now, let’s take a look how this futuristic world of self-driving cars will benefit society in more ways than one. There will be improved safety, less traffic, convenient parking, more free time, and environmental benefits.

Upgrading the World’s Cities to Become Smart Cities

The term ‘Smart City’ sounds like something plucked straight out of science fiction. But far from being a concept of the distant future, smart cities already exist today. In fact, Songdo, a newly developed city in South Korea was titled ‘the world’s first smart city’…
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