KN266The VIA ProSavageDDR™ KN266 is an efficient, cost-effective, flexible chipset solution for mobile systems based on the AMD Athlon™ 4 and Duron™ Socket A processors, across a full spectrum of applications. With up to 2.1 GB/s of 4GB DDR266 memory and a 200MHz front side bus, the VIA KN266 also includes the integrated S3 Graphics ProSavage8™ 2D/3D Accelerator with internal AGP 8X bandwidth and DVD Motion Compensation, optimized for use with the Microsoft Windows® XP operating system.

The VIA KN266 also makes use of VIA’s V-Link Hub Architecture, which provides a dedicated 266MB/s bus between the north and south bridge. Paired with any of the VIA V-MAP 8233 Series South Bridges, the VIA KN266 chipset also includes integrated 2 Channel AC’97 Audio, integrated MC’97 Modem, support for ATA 33/66/100, and support for 4 or more USB ports. Options include an integrated 3Com® networking MAC, depending on your design priorities.

Benefits of VIA KN266

Low Power Consumption: DDR Memory operates at only 2.5V, offering low power consumption. The VIA KN266 is also fully compliant with AMD PowerNow! Version 2.0, realizing the benefits of dynamic power management and extending battery life even further.

Smooth DVD Playback and Gameplay: S3 Graphics ProSavage8 2D/3D technology with equivalent AGP 8X bandwidth and DVD motion compensation enables performance of key applications like DVD playback alongside smooth 3D gameplay.

VIA Support and Reliability: VIA Chipset Platforms benefit from the design, manufacturing and testing processes that yield the industry’s most reliable and stable system platforms. A comprehensive and unified driver set minimizes compatibility problems and deployment risks for corporate customers.

KN266 Block Diagram


Key Features

» Supports AMD Athlon™ 4 and AMD Duron™ mobile processors
» 200MHz FSB
» S3 Graphics ProSavage8™ Integrated Graphics core
» Supports DDR200/266 SDRAM as well as PC100/133 SDRAM
» Ultra fast 266MB per second V-Link between North and South Bridge
» Support for Advanced Communications Riser (ACR)
·» AC’97 and MC’97 Audio/Modem
» Integrated 3Com 10/100Mb Ethernet Media Access Controller (VT8233C) or 10/100Mb Ethernet MAC
» Support for 2 ATA 33/66/100 interfaces
» 6 USB ports, UHCI compliant
» Integrated KBC, PS/2 Mouse Interface, RTC
» Advanced power management capabilities
» 552-pin BGA VT8372 North Bridge
» 376-pin BGA VT8233 family South Bridge

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