P4X266EOffering motherboard makers a seamless upgrade on existing motherboard designs, the VIA Apollo P4X266E provides the world’s fastest DDR memory controller courtesy of Performance Driven Design with a choice of 400MHz and 533MHz Front Side Bus settings to accommodate the highest speed Intel® Pentium® 4 processors.

p4x266e_mainImproving on the proven performance and features of the VIA Apollo P4X266A chipset, the VIA Apollo P4X266E enhances VIA’s already impressive range of Intel Pentium 4 chipsets. VIA now offers Pentium 4 platform solutions from top to bottom, with the VIA Apollo P4X266E supporting a full range of Intel Pentium 4 processors up to and beyond 2.53GHz, as well as the new 478-pin Intel Celeron™ processor.

Utilising the innovative VIA Modular Architecture Platform (V-MAP) that ensures pin-compatibility with current VIA Apollo P4X266 and P4X266A based motherboard solutions, the VIA Apollo P4X266E is enabling motherboard manufacturers, System Integrators, and OEMs to target vastly different markets with a single unified motherboard design.

Benefits of VIA P4X266E

Enhanced Processor Bus: The VIA Apollo P4X266E features an enhanced processor bus interface that more efficiently takes advantage of the quad pumped bus of the Intel® Pentium® 4 processor. Now, up to 12 instructions can be queued in the processor bus interface, allowing the high speed 533MHz bus of current Pentium® 4 processors to run at optimal efficiency. This also reduces latency between the processor and other peripherals and devices, which improves overall system operation. The VIA Apollo P4X266E also offers support for higher bus speeds, allowing seamless upgradeability to possible future processors.

Performance Driven Design: Using the highly efficient memory controller of the renowned VIA Apollo KT266A, the VIA Apollo P4X266E offers exceptionally high memory performance. This is accomplished through improved timings and deepened queues. Supporting up to 4GB of DDR200 or DDR266 memory, the VIA Apollo P4X266E provides lightning fast access to system memory. Moreover, the VIA Apollo P4X266E offers a highly developed AGP4X interface, ensuring the highest possible graphics performance with a myriad of AGP4X graphics accelerators.

V-MAP: The VIA Apollo P4X266E is part of the family of VIA Modular Architecture Platforms (V-MAP). As a modular solution, the North and South Bridge of VIA Apollo P4X266E are completely pin compatible with current and future products. The VT8753A North Bridge of P4X266E is pin compatible with the VT8753 of P4X266, and the VT8751 of P4M266. Additionally, VT8753A can interface with four separate pin-compatible South Bridges, including the new VIA VT8235 with integrated USB 2.0 support as well as the VT8233 offering VIA Ethernet MAC, the VT8233C featuring 3Com Ethernet MAC, and the VT8233A supporting the new ATA/133 drive standard. With this wide range of pin-compatible products, up to six distinct chipsets are possible for Intel® Pentium® 4 processors while using the same motherboard design.

High-Speed V-Link Hub Architecture: The VIA Apollo P4X266E takes advantage of VIA’s high performance V-Link Hub Architecture, which provides a dedicated 266MB/s bus between the North and South Bridge. Less advanced chipsets use the 132MB/s PCI bus as a link, which must be shared with all PCI peripherals. V-Link greatly improves data transfer rates when high-speed interconnect technologies such as USB2.0, IEEE1394, and ATA/133 are implemented in a single system.

VPX-64 64bit/66MHz PCI Controller: The VPX-64 64bit PCI Controller (model number VT8101) is a companion chip that allows existing VIA chipsets to support high-bandwidth 64bit PCI in both 33MHz and 66MHz modes. VPX-64 enables VIA Apollo chipsets to offer up to 533MB/s of PCI bandwidth for high end peripherals like Gigabit Ethernet, Fibre Channel and Ultra SCSI/320 and is perfect for implementation in server systems based on the VIA Apollo P4X266E. VPX-64 also supports up to six traditional 32bit/33MHz PCI devices, allowing VPX-64 equipped system designs to support no less than 10 PCI devices, and up to 12 in total. VPX-64 is available in a 27x27mm, 265 pin PGA package. VPX-64 interfaces directly to the dual mode AGP/XIP port present in existing V-MAP compatible chipsets.

P4X266E Block Diagram


Key Features

» Supports Intel® Pentium® 4 and Celeron™ processors
» 400/533MHz (Quad 100) FSB setting
» AGP4X graphics
» Supports DDR200/266 SDRAM as well as PC100/133 SDRAM
» Ultra fast 266MB per second V-Link between North and South Bridge
» Support for Advanced Communications Riser (ACR)
» AC’97 and MC’97 Audio/Modem
» Integrated 3Com 10/100Mb Ethernet Media Access Controller (VT8233C) or 10/100Mb Ethernet, 1/10Mb HomePNA (VT8233)
» Support for 2 ATA 33/66/100 interfaces
» 6 USB ports, UHCI compliant
» Integrated KBC, PS/2 Mouse Interface, RTC
» Advanced power management capabilities
» 664-pin BGA VT8753 North Bridge
» 376-pin BGA VT8233C or VT8233 South Bridge

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