PLE133With its AGP 4X integrated graphics capabilities, flexible FSB settings, and support for PC133 DRAM, the VIA Apollo PLE133 chipset is a scalable, cost-effective, and integrated chipset platform designed for the specific needs of the Value PC, Information PC, and Internet Appliance market segments.

With its 133MHz Front Side Bus, the VIA Apollo PLE133 chipset is designed for Intel® Pentium®III and VIA C3® processors, while its integrated AGP 4X graphics engine delivers graphics capabilities for running 2D/3D software and Internet applications. Its highly scaleable asynchronous bus design also makes it the ideal solution for Intel® Pentium® III and Intel® Celeron™ processors running at 66/106/133MHz FSB speeds. The VIA Apollo PLE133 chipset supports up to 1.0GB of PC133 SDRAM and VC133 DRAM. These memory technologies provide the bandwidth for Internet and 3D graphics applications. Further integrated multimedia & connectivity features, designed to help minimize the cost of building Value PCs and Internet Appliances, include an integrated 10/100 BaseT Ethernet controller, AC-97 audio, MC-97 modem, Super I/O, hardware monitoring capabilities, plus support for four USB ports, ATA 100, and advanced power management.

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