EITX-3001 (EOL)

  • Em-ITX form factor: 17cm (W) x 12 cm (L)
  • Integrated VIA Chrome®9 HCM with DX9 3D/2D graphics
  • Versatile display configuration inc. VGA, HDMI and LVDS multi-display
  • Low profile design: Dual-sided I/O coastlines
  • Fanless and ultra low power consumption


VIA EITX-3001 Em-ITX Board

The VIA EITX-3001 combines the latest VIA Nano® E-Series processor and the VIA VX855 media system processor to offer a full featured I/O specification on a specially developed slime-line board. Devices based on the EITX-3001 can be used to create thinner designs with a low profile system of less than 35mm high.

Designed for stability at extreme temperatures, fanless devices based on the VIA EITX-3001 can enjoy absolute stability at temperatures ranging from -10oC to 60oC. Dual I/O coastlines include a HDMI port, VGA port, Gigabit Ethernet, dual COM ports, four USB ports, a USB device port, audio jacks and power and HDD activity LEDs. A range of multi-display options are supported, including CRT/LVDS, CRT/HDMI and LVDS/HDMI configurations.

The VIA EITX-3001 includes an onboard DC-to-DC converter supporting both AT and ATX power modes, and power input voltages of DC 7V to DC 36V. An on board built-in 5-wire/4-wire USB Touch interface makes the EITX-3001 highly suited for high-end interactive touch screen multimedia applications.


EITX-3001 Documentation

Datasheetv1206262012 Jun 28
User Manualv1.122012 Jul 02

EITX-3001 BIOS BIOS Flash Utility

BIOSv1.012010 Jun 08
BIOS Flash Utility for DOSv1.0522013 May 24

EITX-3001 Driver Downloads

Windows® 7 32/64bit
Audiov7500a2010 Dec 22
Ethernetv1.352010 Dec 22
Touch Panelv5.6.02010 Dec 22
VIA USB TransmitXv1.00d2010 Dec 22
VGAv24.12.01r2010 Dec 22
WLANv1.0.0.22010 Dec 22
Windows® XP 32bit
Audiov640d2010 Dec 22
Ethernetv166a2010 Dec 22
Hyperion Pro 4 in 1v5.23a2010 Jun 08
Touch Panelv5.5.02010 Dec 22
USB 2.0v2.702010 Dec 22
VIA USB TransmitXv1.00d2010 Dec 22
VGAv20.12.01t2010 Dec 22
WLANv1.512010 Dec 22
Windows® CE6
Windows® CE6 BSPv6.01.482010 Dec 22
Windows® CE5
Windows® CE5 BSPv5.01.482010 Dec 22




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