EPIA V-Series (EOL)

  • Fanless systems with power sensitive requirements
  • VIA Eden® ESP processor core
  • Embedded onboard graphics, audio and optional TV-Out support
  • Onboard 10/100 LAN and floppy disk drive connector
  • VIA C3® E-Series processor for more multimedia rich applications


EPIA V-Series Mini-ITX Board

The VIA EPIA-V Series Mini-ITX Mainboard is the newest member of the Mini-ITX family. The VIA-V Series continues to deliver the industries smallest, most highly integrated, and most flexible x86 platform to OEMs and System Integrators looking for cost effective solutions that offer the maximum set of features without sacrificing design flexibility. Offering the choice of a VIA Eden® ESP processor core for fanless systems with power sensitive requirements, or a VIA C3® E-Series processor for more multimedia rich applications, the EPIA-V Mini-ITX mainboard also features embedded onboard graphics, audio and optional TV-Out support. The VIA EPIA V Series Mini-ITX mainboard is the ideal platform for an almost unlimited variety of Extreme Value PC, Information Appliance, Set Top Box, Personal Video Recorder, and Industrial PC designs.

Measuring just 170mm x 170mm, the VIA EPIA V Series Mini-ITX mainboard is 30% smaller than the smallest Flex-ATX platforms, while maintaining Micro ATX chassis compliancy. It also provides the smallest and coolest processing environment available, including an optional fanless configuration. The VIA Apollo PLE133 North Bridge features integrated graphics with 2D/3D acceleration and Motion Compensation, accompanied by onboard SoundBlaster™ and SoundBlaster™ Pro compatible audio, delivering key multimedia capabilities. Onboard 10/100 LAN, floppy disk drive connector, optional TV-Out, an additional PCI slot, 2 USB ports, and a full set of I/O features provide ample connectivity and expansion options.


EPIA V-Series ドキュメント


EPIA V-Series BIOS / BIOS Flash Utility


EPIA V-Series ドライバダウンロード

Windows® XP 32bit
Fast InfraRedv1.20a2003-01-21
Hyperion Pro 4 in 1v4.432003-01-21

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