KM133 / KM133A

KM133The VIA ProSavageDDR™ KM133 is an efficient, cost-effective, flexible chipset solution for systems based on the AMD Athlon™ 4 and Duron™ Socket A processors, across a full spectrum of applications. With a 200MHz FSB (266MHz for the KM133A), and support for 1.5 GB of PC133 as well as PC66/100 SDRAM, the VIA KM133 is designed for mainstream and performance market segments. The VIA KM133 includes the integrated Graphics core, though an optional AGP 4X expansion interface allows for possible connection of external graphics cards.

With the VIA VT8231 South Bridge, the VIA KM133 chipset also includes an integrated 10/100 BaseT Ethernet controller, AC-97 audio, MC-97 modem, Super I/O, hardware monitoring capabilities, flat panel monitor support, plus support of four USB ports, and advanced power management.

KM133 /KM133A Block Diagram