VIA AI Learning Kit

AI learning kit
The VIA AI Learning Kit is an educational package that introduces school students to the basics of computer programming and artificial intelligence. The kit includes all the hardware components needed to construct a small autonomous vehicle. After building the vehicle, the students then use basic programming skills to teach the kit how to independently navigate a track on the classroom floor – a basic form of artificial intelligence.

The vehicle is based around an Arduino-compatible mainboard from VIA, plus an expansion board which supports a small mounted camera. Once assembled, the children then get some hands-on experience with AI, using a visual programming editor to train the vehicle to use its camera to recognize simple road signs and successfully navigate a race track – the fundamental elements needed to create an autonomous, driverless vehicle.

Learning the core concepts of programming and artificial intelligence can be greatly beneficial to students.The kit approaches programming and AI in a fun context where children compete with one another to see who can complete a lap of the race track the fastest.

VIA AI Learning Kit

AI learning kit hardware componets

Program, Test and Compete

The kit features the intuitive Ideali Integrated Development Environment (IDE) for programming the car. This makes computer programming simple for students to understand, offering a visual interface that negates the need to write code. Commands are compiled by simply dragging and dropping blocks into a program that will allow the car to navigate a specific track. Once the code is written, it’s time to test it out using a built-in race track simulator which allows the students to see how well their program is working. Armed with a successful program, they can now load it into the car to see how well it behaves on a track on the classroom floor. This is where it gets competitive, as the students compete to see which autonomous vehicle can complete a lap the fastest.

Ideali IDE

Race Track Simulator

Creating Tomorrow’s Autonomous Vehicle Programmers

The VIA AI Learning Kit is an interactive training platform that prepares students for the modern world. Crucially, it also gives students hands-on experience of the challenges involved with creating a fully-autonomous vehicle – one of the most important goals in AI development today. Introducing students to technological challenges of this scale in a fun and educational way is the key motive for creating the kit.

VIA AI Learning Kit

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